Is Victor Frankenstein The One To Blame For The Tragic Deaths In The Novel? Grade 11 Essay

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Needs vs Wants
Many people have a recurring struggle of trying to differentiate their wants, and their needs. This seems to be the case for most individuals because who doesn't love having extra things? In this paper, I will be explaining what wants/ needs are, and why they seem to vary between most people in the world.
First of all, let's talk about our needs. Needs are commonly defined as something that you can't live without, or something that is required. Examples of this may be food, water, shelter, or some form of medical treatment if you have an illness or disease. These types of needs don't vary between people around the world because you can only go so long without food and/or water, and the same goes for shelter or medical treatments depending on your health. If you look more in depth though, you can find ways in which your needs would be much different than most other peoples in the world. If you look at things such as physical needs they depend on the person. For example, more money for the organization, more staff or volunteers, better lighting for the community, and more safe homes for foster children are all different physical needs, but they are only relevant to an individual if they are involved in...

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