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Majid 1
Hunzla Majid
Professor French
14 May 2018
The most natural thing to spread is “Hate” because it is in human’s nature.
Allison Abrams in her article The Psychology of Hate: Why do we hate, stated that
“According to A.J. Marsden, assistant professor of psychology and human services at
Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, one reason we hate is that we fear things that are
different from us.” In other words, it is the fear that lives inside people, that makes them
hate other. They want to run the word as they want if they don’t like something others
must do the same; that is their ideology. They hate others for being different so much
that they forgot the difference between right and wrong. And at that stage of life, they
take some actions that won’t just hurt them, but it hurt peoples around them and later
hurt society as a whole. From past couple of years, Muslim communities, immigrants
from the Middle East and Africa had been victims of such hate, mostly known as
Islamophobia. A simplistic definition of Islamophobia is fear of Islam. In the United State
of America, the rate of Islamophobia is reaching the peak. Muslims of all age had been
harassed, beaten and killed because of such phobia. Anti-Muslims groups have the
support of some government authorities, that’s helping them to spread more hate
Majid 2
instead of providing a solution. So, the hatred that has been divided against a
community, targeting innocent people for such hostility, and people who were
supporting such hate must put to an end.
​Part 1: History and Background
Islam started back in the 7th century, spreading through the Middle East post the
birth of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). Islam began to spread rapidly, with
many countries currently being dominantly Muslim, such as Indonesia, Malaysia,
Bangladesh, Iraq, and many more. Involvement of the United States in the Middle East
began when oil became a crucial resource in the United States. Tension grew in 1990,
the beginning of a major war in the Middle East, The Gulf War. (Persian Gulf War,
2009). It started after a formal Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of its
neighboring country, Kuwait. It sparked Western Countries, such as the United States,
to intervene. Early 1991, President George H. W. Bush called for the positioning of
more than 900,000 troops in Saudi-Iraq border as the start of Operation Desert Storm
(Taylor, 2016). There were millions of deaths, with the Iraqis being impacted the most,
setting a fertile environment for future wars in the Middle East. While the Middle Eastern
countries were left in grief, the U.S. was exposed to the crucial resources they were
eager for, oil. Researchers have stated, “Oil companies reported more spectacular
profits in the fourth quarter of 1990 and the first quarter of 1991 when crude prices
declined gradually than in the third when they surged upward” (Aarts and Renner,
2015). The U.S. presence gave U...

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