Isolate Carbon Dioxide Through The Upward Displacement Of Air And Then Demonstrate Some Of Its Chemical And Physical Properties With The Isolated Co2

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Chemicals:• Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) (2g)• 2M Hydrochloric Acid Solution (HCl) (20ml)• Distilled Water (H2O) (100ml)• Limewater Solution [Ca(OH)2] (10ml)]Apparatus:• Test tubes (2)• Test tube fitted with gas delivery tubing• Scales• Plastic spoon• Small, plastic container• Small beaker• Small candle• Test tube stoppers (2)• Box of matches• Test tube rack• Stand and clamp• Measuring cylinders (50ml and 20ml)• Protective eyewear• Protective gloves• Lab coats• Paper• Long wooden sticks7.1 Isolation of carbon dioxideThe following experiment was performed in a laboratory where the conditi ...view middle of the document...

10.) Once the reaction ceased the second test tube containing carbon dioxide was sealed off with astopper.Upon completion of these steps we had two test tubes containing carbon dioxide.7.2 Demonstrating carbon dioxide’s physical propertiesThe physical properties which were demonstrated were carbon dioxide’s inability to support combustion; density exceeding that of airs; lack of colour; and lack of a distinctive odour. These were demonstrated through the following methods.7.2.1 Inability to support combustion1.)A small candle was placed in the small beaker and was ignited using a lit, wooden stick.2.)The contents of a test tube were then poured whilst the test tube was held approximately 3cm above the beaker.3.)The results were observed and noted.7.2.2 A density greater than airThis was displayed in “7.2.1 Inability to support combustion". If carbon dioxide was less dense than air it would have merely diffused into the atmosphere. However – as previously seen – it descended into the beaker and extinguished the candle’s flame ultimately revealing that its density is greater than that of air. The reason why becomes clear by analysing the main gases which form dry air as well as their respective relative atomic masses and relative molecular masses.The pie graph attached as a word document reveal that the four main gases which constitute dry air are oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Their respective relative atomic masses/relative molecular masses are 16, 14, 40 and 44. This reveals that out of the four gases carbon dioxide is the heaviest thus it has the greatest density and will descend.7.2.3 Lack of colour1.)The remaining beaker contain...


THis is a general report on copper. It describes it's physical properties, chemical properties, and its uses

434 words - 2 pages with a bright metallic lustre colored solid. The reason copper is so widely used is because it's flexible and manageable. Its availability comes in bars, beads, sheets, wire, rods, plates and powder. The mineral hardness of copper is three. The cost of copper powder $11.80 for 5g, $16.40 for 25g, and $27.40 for 500g.Copper promotes formation of bone, hemoglobin and red blood cells. It helps in the absorption and use of iron and assists in the

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1868 words - 8 pages , when it was discovered and the effects it has on people with this disorder and its relationships. Next I will also cover the symptoms of schizophrenia how can someone detect if their family member or a friend has this harsh disease. Furthermore I will discuss the types of schizophrenia that you can have from rare to most common and finally, I will discuss the myths about this disorder, because not everything people think about schizophrenia is

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2012 words - 9 pages Chemistry (SC03B01) The Properties and Laws of Gases Have you ever wondered why bread rises? Why your tires air pressure changes or even how you can even breathe? If you do, then learning about the properties and laws of gases is the best option for you. Some of the earliest scientific investigations concerning matter were performed by these very scientists trying to understand the physical and chemical properties of these gases Gases have very

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453 words - 2 pages are protein molecules. These are what give the membrane its mosaic appearance. These proteins can act as channels allowing ions to travel across the membrane. They do this by either only allowing certain shaped molecules to pass through them or they actively transport molecules wit the help of ATP. These structures give the membrane the property of being differentially permeable and so can control what passes across it into and out of the

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2026 words - 9 pages still confused by some of his statements and actions that remain blurred and enigmatic. Hamlet's speeches are extremely intense and dense with interpretations on different levels - each word spoken is not wasted, but precisely aimed.Hamlet is highly moral and philosophic, and he truly can feel the depths of passion and grief. Through this moral perfection he envisions destiny as supreme, above all the rules and laws set by humans.Hamlet is

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1290 words - 6 pages Free progressed Hammurabi of Mesopotamia came to power, and wrote his code of laws c. 1700 BCE. These laws were founded with a polytheistic-believing society, not the monotheistic religion in one God of the Bible. Hammurabi allowed divorce, but there was a price to it (you have to have reason, and then you must support her financially). Over time, we now find our society favoring divorce. Every citizen in our country is entitled to ", liberty

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347 words - 2 pages walk away a winner, but after that last goal everything changed.I sat there, yearning to get onto the ice; I sat in the bench, the smell of the cold air mixed with the scent of blood and sweat, there was something inside of me that wouldn't keep quiet, repeatedly yelling "get out there and score!" I stood up and did something I'd never done before, the left-winger skated by and I yelled at him to get off the ice. I was shocked and amazed but I knew

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602 words - 3 pages Free Peter Sauer Ms. Snowdon ENG4C 12 October 2018 The Power of Music Music is such a powerful thing. It can help you get through a bad day, or even make a good day better. Music is something that I always have playing throughout my day. It’s the first thing I hear in the morning, and it’s the last thing I hear at night. Even during school when we’re not allowed to have our phones out, I’m always making beats by tapping pens against the desk and

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1554 words - 7 pages Free prisoners on death row” (2018). With this being said, while the death penalty reduces crime, the death penalty cannot be reversed if inmates are wrongly convicted because the death penalty is racially bias and the death penalty is very evidently unconstitutional. I will fund the end of capital punishment through rallies and protest that will bring awareness to the injustices surrounding the death penalty. I will implement the end of capital punishment by

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398 words - 2 pages Not only are Parents responsible for providing food and shelter for their Children, but they should also help them to develop their mental and physical condition. A Bicycle, a vehicle having two wheels one behind the other, influences a child's physical, intellectual and social development. It also can improve the quality of life. Riding a bicycle will provide children with health and other benefits. A bicycle can save them money in gas and also

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1424 words - 6 pages Running Head: ROLE EVOLUTION 12 ROLE EVOLUTION Then and Now: The Organization of Singapore’s Social Service Landscape Singapore has come a long way in its development since its devastating post-war climate in 1945. 50 years on, Singapore has transcended from a third-world to a first-world nation. This notion made famous by founding Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew, has arguably captioned the nation as a growth miracle. Dubbed as one

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822 words - 4 pages that the slaves are well taken care of while in actual fact they weren’t. A New Account of Some Parts of Guinea and the Slave Trade reveals how Europeans are well aware of the evils of slavery but for their own good, that is to maintain their economic standing in the competitive, they came up with reasons to advocate for their wicked actions.


2264 words - 10 pages and physical harm (Rao, 1999) This paper aims to analyse and discuss factors associated with sedentary, desk-bound, sluggish nature of knowledge workers’ jobs. It also provides ways to potentially combat the subsequent effects of these working conditions. Firstly knowledge workers and their basic skills or traits are explored, then information overload, sedentary behaviour and work-related stress are covered, followed by a brief conclusion. 1 2

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3937 words - 16 pages , and Perry (1994) pointed out that shyness is often associated with both depression and dysfunctional cognitions. How these dimensions relate to one another, however, is unclear. Does shyness have the properties of a personality trait and lead to depression, or does depression lead to shyness? Are both manifestations of some deeper personality trait? Where does attributional style, in the sense of dysfunctional cognitions, fit in?In their 1994