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Isolate Carbon Dioxide Through The Upward Displacement Of Air And Then Demonstrate Some Of Its Chemical And Physical Properties With The Isolated Co2

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Chemicals:• Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) (2g)• 2M Hydrochloric Acid Solution (HCl) (20ml)• Distilled Water (H2O) (100ml)• Limewater Solution [Ca(OH)2] (10ml)]Apparatus:• Test tubes (2)• Test tube fitted with gas delivery tubing• Scales• Plastic spoon• Small, plastic container• Small beaker• Small candle• Test tube stoppers (2)• Box of matches• Test tube rack• Stand and clamp• Measuring cylinders (50ml and 20ml)• Protective eyewear• Protective gloves• Lab coats• Paper• Long wooden sticks7.1 Isolation of carbon dioxideThe following experiment was performed in a laboratory where the conditions ...view middle of the document...

10.) Once the reaction ceased the second test tube containing carbon dioxide was sealed off with astopper.Upon completion of these steps we had two test tubes containing carbon dioxide.7.2 Demonstrating carbon dioxide’s physical propertiesThe physical properties which were demonstrated were carbon dioxide’s inability to support combustion; density exceeding that of airs; lack of colour; and lack of a distinctive odour. These were demonstrated through the following methods.7.2.1 Inability to support combustion1.)A small candle was placed in the small beaker and was ignited using a lit, wooden stick.2.)The contents of a test tube were then poured whilst the test tube was held approximately 3cm above the beaker.3.)The results were observed and noted.7.2.2 A density greater than airThis was displayed in “7.2.1 Inability to support combustion". If carbon dioxide was less dense than air it would have merely diffused into the atmosphere. However – as previously seen – it descended into the beaker and extinguished the candle’s flame ultimately revealing that its density is greater than that of air. The reason why becomes clear by analysing the main gases which form dry air as well as their respective relative atomic masses and relative molecular masses.The pie graph attached as a word document reveal that the four main gases which constitute dry air are oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Their respective relative atomic masses/relative molecular masses are 16, 14, 40 and 44. This reveals that out of the four gases carbon dioxide is the heaviest thus it has the greatest density and will descend.7.2.3 Lack of colour1.)The remaining beaker containing...

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