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Student name: Dinh Thi Ngoc Biet (Ria)
Student ID: 180125973
London is one of the megacities in the world where people want to be here in many purposes. Whether London is a good place to live has always been a topic of debate. While many people think that London is a terrible place, I believe that it is wonderful to live in London particularly in the areas of education, people, and transportation.
First of all, London is one of the best places in the world for studying and London’s schools are the best in the country (n.d). London is a leading global educational center, which is contributed by two main features, which are high quality teachers and the efficient system of universities. On the one hand, as the Annual London Education Report (2017) points out, international research evidence consistently finds that the quality of teaching is the primary driver of educational outcomes. According to this report, London tends to have many strong leaderships compared to those in other regions in the UK (Ofsted inspection data, n.d). In addition, there are teachers for disadvantaged pupils, which is a highlight for the student who have a disability to achieve a good education as other people. On the other hand, London is England’s top region at the number of universities and very popular with international students and scholars. Most of the leading British learned societies are based in London (Wikipedia), and it is also a historic and important place of the acquisition of scientific knowledge through research and study. Hence, London is a destination where people around the world want to come and study.
In addition to education, London citizens is another aspect which can prove London is a worth place to live. In London, the multiculturalism shows that there are 36.7% people live in London were born outside in the UK (Wikipedia, 2011). There can be see that London’s society is fluid, people can be from all over the world and always be welcomed in London. Moreover, as Dylan Jones (2016) points out, London is also a great example of successful immigration. As David Pildtch (2016), immigrants to make up half of London population in 15 years. The booming number of people living in the capital is made by foreign-born immigrants rather than UK citizens moving in.
Finally, transportation is the last idea of a good living standard. Travel is a daily activity of every person nowadays, and London is a city in which urban traffic infrastructure is extremely developed. There are many kind of transportation in London, such as buses, underground, taxis, and cycling. Those sources can bring you to everywhere...


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