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Plans for Week of: December 4, 2017
Unit 6:
SS8CG1 Describe the foundations of Georgia’s government.
a. Explain the basic structure of the Georgia state constitution (preamble, bill of rights, articles, and amendments) as well as its relationship to the United States Constitution.
b. Explain separation of powers and checks and balances among Georgia’s three branches of government.
c. Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens according to the Georgia Constitution.
d. List voting qualifications for elections in Georgia.
e. Identify wisdom, justice, and moderation as the three principles in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Georgia Flag.
SS8CG3 Analyze the role of the executive branch in Georgia state government.
a. Explain the qualifications for the governor and lieutenant governor and their role in the executive branch of state government.
b. Describe how the executive branch fulfills its role through state agencies that administer programs and enforce laws.
S8CG2 Analyze the role of the legislative branch in Georgia.
a. Explain the qualifications for members of the General Assembly and its role as the law-making body of Georgia.
b. Describe the purpose of the committee system within the Georgia General Assembly.
c. Explain the process for making a law in Georgia.
d. Describe how state government is funded and how spending decisions are made.
Essential Questions
How does Georgia’s government resemble the government established by the United States Constitution?
· Watch: Georgia Stories – The Legislative Process
· Mini Lesson
Summarize what you learned in the video.
The Georgia Constitution (after the U.S. Constitution was ratified)
- Using “Georgia’s Legislative Branch” PPT, students will take notes over:
1. General Assembly
(both Georgia Senate and Georgia House of Representatives):
- Qualifications
- Terms
- Elections
- Duties
2. The law-making process
· Make an acrostic for either executive or legislative (the words you use for the acrostic should relate to the branch you chose).
· Review Questions -
· 1. Define lieutenant governor.
· 2. What are the qualifications to become a lieutenant governor in GA?
· 3. How long is a lieutenant governor’s term in GA and how many consecutive (back to back) terms may a governor serve?
· 4. What are some of the lieutenant governor’s duties?
· Watch: Brainpop – How a Bill Becomes a Law
· Mini Lesson
Elbow Partner work - Fill in the blanks for how a bill becomes a law (hand...

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