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English 103: Essay 1—Issue Proposal
For this assignment, you will be asked to present the issue you have chosen to focus on for the entire semester. Because the remaining papers in the class will focus on this issue, you should make your choice carefully, and select a topic that you are passionate about. You are free to choose any issue as long as it can be connected to one of the issues/categories in “The Reader” section of our textbook. See pages xii-xv of Perspectives on Argument for a list of issues and corresponding page numbers. There are a few topics that are excluded; you may not write about abortion, capital punishment/the death penalty, the legalization of drugs, or gun control.
Use the “Before You Write: Finding Compelling Issues for Future Argument Papers” exercise F on page 33 of our text to help you identify an issue. This step-by-step exercise helps you to explore the issues available in “The Reader.” You will not be asked to “report to the class” as directed in #2, but you should complete the exercise on an individual basis.
· Choose an issue from “The Reader” (chapters 15-21). You may chose an issue directly stated in “The Reader,” or you may choose an issue that falls under one of the topics in “The Reader.” If you’re not sure that your issue is appropriate, please email me BEFORE you write your proposal.
· Test your chosen issue with the twelve tests worksheet (page 34).
· Write a proposal that follows the principles below:
Paragraph 1:

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