Issues In Diversity And First Nations First Nations Research Paper

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Canada is a nation of opportunity and freedom. People from all around the world
immigrate to Canada to start a new life, to get away from war or poverty.
Canada opens their arms to them and accepts them, and gives them money to
get them started. But how about those who were here from the very beginning,
before anyone else landed in Canada. The ones that are called First Nation
people, or Aboriginals. What is the government doing for them? Why are First
Nations people suffering the worst in Canada? 55%of the poor are aboriginals
and a lot of them live in reserves around Canada that Canadian government
have put them in. For those who leave the reserves to get a better living suffer
from racism from Canadian society.The Aboriginal peoples of Canada had gone
through many situations to get to where they are today with their education
system and justice system. Pain, sorrow, doubt, and hope are all feelings
brought to mind when thinking about the history and the future of Aboriginal
education. All through out the years of my education i never exactly knew what a
first nation or aboriginal really was. All i knew was that they were just the first
people of Canada but i never knew all the benefits and services the government
provided for them including the suffering and pain. Canada gives the First
Nations of Canada many benefits and services like free housing,education and
medical.They also get to contribute a say on what goes on in there
communities,they get to h...


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1649 words - 7 pages unchecked and equal rivalry of all classes of men, at once secures universal contentment, and brings the highest possible activity all the physical, moral and social energies of the whole state”.[footnoteRef:3] [3: William H. Seward, ‘The Irrepressible Conflict’ (Rochester, 25 October 1858). In David Garrioch, ed. Nations at War: Revolution and Empire, (Clayton, 2018), 38-39] Although the free-labour ideology dominated the political sphere, there

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