It 511 Unit 5 Conflict Resolution It 511 Purdue University Essay

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Unit 5 Assignment
November 18, 2018
Unit 5
Unit 5 Assignment
Project managers are responsible for managing the projects they are given. They must keep scope, budget, quality, and company relationships in mind when getting a project to completion. When making sure the projects team members are staying on task it is important to employ conflict resolution strategies to ensure all team mates are working together at the best of their abilities. The projects completion is always on a project managers mind as is employee relations. Sue and Bob are having issues with the current CRM project Kappa. Sue hasn’t finished her portion of the project and Bob has had enough. Each conflict resolution mode will be analyzed and the best mode for the situation will be outlined.
Bob and Sue agree to meet to discuss the issues with project Kappa. At first there is confrontation with this meeting. Bob is convinced that Sue in intentionally sabotaging the project and Sue is stressed out with her workload. Bob is upset with the fact that his project has taken a back-burner to other problems. Bob’s relationship is of equal importance to the project because Sue will be on his team again. So he addresses his issues with her workload and the project timeline and a new timeline is put in place that keeps the project on schedule and saves their working relationship.
Bon and Sue agree to meet. Bob takes sues workload in consideration and he tries to bargain with her in order to get her part of the project completed. The solution ends up being that Bob will allow for Sue to get a handle on other projects and she will also complete the work on project Kappa. Because Bob bargained with Sue the timeline is not as favorable as Bob would have hoped and their relationship is not it’s best because of it.
Bob and Sue agree that they both want to get the project done. So in order to keep Sue working on project Kappa he allows her to finish her work with the...

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