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Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business
Creating and Sustaining Customer Markets
MKTG 6200, Fall 2018
Thursday 3-5pm
430 Dodge Hall
Issue Identification:
The integrated brand customers had trouble in perceiving the added value of the time value projects division over and above the time value projects’ proposition.
Sales in the same product.
The stress in organizational procedures fostered conflict.
Factors to Be Considered:
Caeser’s reaction to the IT bubble and to the increasing commoditization of the body-shopping service was twofold in 2001.
The Dutch IT software and services industry was except to grow by only 0.4%, which is much lower than the one in 2008.
The increasing shortage of good ICT professionals.
The IT services industry was quite fragmented. However, compared to its main competitors, Caeser have a better image as a supplier and as an employer, rather than its image from the financial persective.
Caeser have a good reputation of “good people at a reasonable price”.
What are the core learnings from the customer research that Caesar has conducted?
Three primary needs: new applications ;alterations to existing applications ;maintenance and support for existing applications.
The lack of ROI for the customers.
Different customers has different need in some important attributes(price, time, budget guarantee, brand name, delivery speed and so on.
The “entrepreneurial” IT manager represented a quarter of the potential customer base.
IT projects had a long purchasing cycle (at lease 5 years)...

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