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In movies, "bad guys" usually fall into the state of "double pursuit". If a killer or policeman wants to commit suicide behind him, he must not only avoid these pursuits, but also muster up courage to pursue the person who has plunged himself into disaster, otherwise he will never get rid of crime.
In “the 39 steps”, Hannay's female spy was taken home from the concert hall, murdered and targeted by the murderer himself, while he was pursued by the police as a suspect. By this time Hannah had written down the secret that the female spy had told him, because she knew someone had accused a man of leaking defense secrets abroad. His escape must solve two problems: first, to prove that he is not a murderer; second, to prove that he is not a murderer, the leaker must be pulled out. So, the police and the murderer caught up with Hannah and Hannah approached the finger-breaker step by step.
When Hannay struggled to reach the Scottish countryside and find the injured finger, the situation began to deteriorate. This means that this person has no secrets of his own. This is a mild doctor. No one believed Hannah's words about spies. This means that this person will also kill Hannah in pain. Hence, Hannah lost track of her target for a time, until the end of the film, she got clues, changed her target, and restored the beginning of the film in London Concert Hall before she found the answer in Mr. Memory.
Escape and pursuit are the most important themes of "wrong people" movies. In the 39-step movie, the actors from the city to the countryside, from the train to the countryside, have not slackened from beginning to end, and have exhausted all tracing and anti-tracing techniques.
I like the scene switching in step 39 best. The film only lasts one hour and twenty minutes, but it contains more than ten scenes. One of my favorite parts is the climax of the film in half an hour. In about...


Power: Women of the Twelfth Night - UCF/ENL 3222 - Assignment Essay

910 words - 4 pages Ortiz 1 Ortiz 2 Power: Women of “The Twelfth night” During the time in which Shakespeare wrote, his views on woman had differed from those of which we uphold today. In our modern-day society women hold an almost equal position with having the same rights, status and independence as men. But, when compared to women in the 16th and 17th century women had extremely different and tougher circumstances. In the past centuries it was the men who held

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606 words - 3 pages education. Whenever the names of prominent figures appear it is ethos giving the article more credibility because of the expertise of the people involved with writing the article. Such as the names of the authors give the article more authority over the situation. Pathos which showed up the least didn't really have an effect on the essay Overall the general purpose of these two articles was to spread the news of what young activists are accomplishing. It’s really amazing what such young people are accomplishing when faced with adversity. This is shown by Rodriguez and Terrazzano by their use of quoted words, extreme or absolute language and ethos, pathos and logos.

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2058 words - 9 pages Central High. Rock ‘N’ roll was being used as a tool to fight Jim Crow laws. As Rock ‘N’ Roll was helping African Americans in their fight to equality and bringing white and black teens closer through music, it was causing fear in the minds of parents and causing friction between whites and blacks. The music seemed to make people angry, there was mass hysteria, many fights, and riots. One example is the attack on Nat King Cole, where four white men

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1990 words - 8 pages ruin it (Vega & Sanghvi, 2012). The strength of the egg-white protein matrix can also be enhanced by the convention of beating the egg whites in a copper bowl (McGee, 2004). As the egg whites are beaten, tiny flecks of copper break off the bowl and are whisked into the egg mixture (Lawandi, 2018). Conalbumin, a protein found in the egg whites, takes up the copper that has broken apart from the bowl (McGee, 2004). The copper binds sulphur on the

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1250 words - 5 pages English 102 Essay #1 – Assignment Sheet “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” ~ Albert Camus (philosopher/author) “Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.” ~ Roger C. Schank (cognitive scientist) For this assignment, you will choose a film that you believe is part of our culture’s attempt to process a certain experience, idea, event, change, tragedy, triumph, process, or

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569 words - 3 pages . Select one of those problems and, in a 2–3 page essay, analyze how Paton demonstrates that problem’s negative impact on society in his novel. Cite textual evidence that supports your ideas, including details that show how the problem influences the thoughts, emotions, and actions of characters and how it shapes the events of the plot. Your process in developing the essay will consist of several steps: break down the topic, plan the essay, draft the

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1132 words - 5 pages research more thoroughly and how to differentiate between problems and issues. The third essay I wrote was an informative and surprising essay. This one needed some extra thought; it was more than something I was passionate about, it had to be a shocking fact. An in class activity helped me solidify my topic for this essay. I wanted to write about Disney, but I was unsure of what part of Disney to focus on. With a prospective topic the class

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992 words - 4 pages the destruction of the ships is evident in the fires and blasts. According to Colonel Moore "Hollywood got it wrong every damn time". (We Were Soldiers Documentary). In "We Were Soldiers" Colonel Moore shows us precisely what happened and how violent war truly is. The film depicts the nobility of soldiers under fire, their loyalty to one another and the uncommon valor of those they left at home.In the old war movies such as, "The Longest Day

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1516 words - 7 pages The movie Battleship Potemkin is said to be one of the best montage sequence movies ever made and when the movie was finished (1925) it got a lot of government attention and was banned by the bored of censorship. But when it was shown to the public in 1954 it was voted as one of the best movies in the history of cinema. But exactly, what made it such a controversial movie that at the time it had to be banned, and how did people react to the

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2012 words - 9 pages transgender and gender fluid culture that has surged in the last decade has relevance in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. He gives us characters, like Viola, who can easily pass as male by simply saying she is and dressing up in male clothing. Though is it mentioned many times that Cesario is feminine looking, no one questioned his actual gender. Shakespeare gives us the idea that maybe gender isn't necessarily based on how we are biologically born, but

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4181 words - 17 pages choosing different types of music is another strong example of the impact of globalization in our culture.When the movie part was asked, the affect of globalization was very sturdy on this sector of culture. The educated young adult natives stated,Rubel- I love Hollywood movies. Johnny Depp is one of my most favorite directors. The dark night, Die hard, Transformers, Terminator, and Inception are my most favorite movies. Love these action movies

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529 words - 3 pages English | Graded Assignment | Write an Analysis Graded Assignment Write an Analysis Total score: ____ of 30 points Write an analysis based on your close reading of the final section of Joan Didion’s essay “Goodbye to All That.” To begin, save this document to your computer with your name at the end of the filename (e.g., NG_ELA9-10_W_11_GA_Alice_Jones.docx). Refer to the Write an Analysis Notebook document and follow the steps to complete the

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3168 words - 13 pages ELECTRONIC ASSIGNMENT COVERSHEET Student Number 32367542 Surname TAN Given name JUN RONG KENNETH Email jrtan_kennerve@hotmail.com Unit Code MCC 248 Unit name SCREEN TEXTS Enrolment mode INTERNAL Date 7 February 2014 Assignment number 1 Assignment name INTRODUCTORY ESSAY Tutor MS JESSLYN LAU Student's Declaration: Except where indicated, the work I am submitting in this assignment is my own work