Essay On Why Sierra Leone Is So Poor When It Is Rich In Diamonds

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Why is Sierra Leone so poor if it is rich in diamonds?
Sierra Leone is poor because of many reasons. Here are a few:
Firstly Sierra Leone is poor because of the amount of corruption that goes on in Sierra Leone. Because of this corruption the people of Sierra Leone haven’t got enough basic needs to survive as even when Sierra Leone gets medical aid for free, the government sells the medicine for profit and because of this people can pass away easily and if someone passes away in a family or is fatally ill they need a person to look after them which means there is less people working which leads to either no income if no-one works or a lower income if only one person works from that family meaning that family dives even deeper into poverty. They lack basic health care, enough amount of food and sturdy houses. Without basic needs, the people cannot work to their full potential and even if they were working really hard they still wouldn’t earn enough money to afford basic needs. The citizens of Sierra Leone do not receive any of the aid they are meant to get given by others but instead this aid is taken by the government for themselves which adds to why Sierra Leone is so poor and will remain to be if no-one does anything to help. When the citizens are working hard mining diamonds, they get paid less than minimum wage which just adds to the working conditions they mine in and if they don’t get paid enough then they remain in poverty. Also, if the demand for diamonds around the world has decreased the miners might even lose their job. The money from the being diamonds mined and sold all goes to the government which just shows you how corrupt Sierra Leone is and because of this corruption no matter how many diamonds Sierra Leone sells it will always remain poor due to corruption.
Secondly Sierra Leone is poor because it has no civil rights and without civil rights there is no order. Many citizens don’t get the right to vote and if they do their vote is sometimes not counted depending on who they voted for. This makes Sierra Leone even poorer as if they can’t get to vote for someone who wants to help them then how can they get out of poverty? Women also do not have basic rights such as voting or working and they are considered as homemake...


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