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The E. Byzantine design for Hagia Sophia is based on a Roman basilica but an extraordinary one. Explain. What is distinctive or unusual about its design? What role does mass (material) play? Space/volume? Light? Ornament?
The way that this building was made is amazing especially because it was made three times. It was design like a roman basilica because it that time period Christianity the official religious it that this, so they need a place of worship. A distinctive or unusual design it was is the dome is having on top the square bottom they put a circle on top of a square. Also, the dome has forty windows it add in a lot of light to the building.
What is a pendentive dome? How is it different from previous Roman domes such as the dome of the Pantheon? How might this feature contribute to the overall aesthetics (way form communicates) and symbolism of this structure?
A pendentive dome is a device that helps put a circle come over a square area. The difference between the Hagia Sophia and the pantheon is that the dome in the pantheon dome was put on top of a circle and didn’t use pendentive domes it also did have windows. The hagia Sophia dome used pendentive domes to help it be on top of a square base it also had window that let light in the building that makes it look aesthetics beautifully. This also creates is mysticism in the area it makes the build also look divine.
Who is Justinian? What are the Nika Riots? What circumstances lead...

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