It Is An Essay Analyzing Two Articles Written About Youth Activism Middle School Reading Assignment Essay

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Leonardo Singh March 5, 2019
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Youth activism is on the rise with young people constantly working hard to change injustices in their lives. As many as 7 out of 10 young adults are social activists and that number is still rising. Both Sarah Terrazzo and Leah Rodriguez wrote texts talking about how people are becoming activists and changing the world. Rodriguez and Terrazzano both made articles documenting the rise in youth activism, Terrazzano focused on how the use of social media is a potent weapon to spread ideas and help gain attention and support for issues affecting young people today. Rodriguez focused on the specific stories of young activists and the changes that they were able to accomplish for themselves and others. Rodriguez and Terrazzano show the purpose of their articles using quoted words, extreme or absolute language, and ethos pathos and logos to document the rise of youth activism.
Extreme or absolute language can be used to put emphasis on things or make situations seem more dire than they really are. For example, “The militant group shot at Yousafzai after threatening its ideology.” Using the word threatening their ideology is extreme considering Yousafzai only spoke about their ideology. The use of extreme language in this instance is to put extra emphasis that only speaking about something is enough to start change among people your age. Terrazzano spoke about how social media empowers young people to make a movement. For example “The proposed cuts of $30 million would debilitate the budgets of schools.” Instead of using words like interfere, or mess with she intentionally used the word “debilitate” to show how much the budget cuts would hinder schools ability to give their students a decent education.
The use of quoted words had a more minor...

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