It Is Okay, Review That Person’s Content Without His Or Her Permission Esl Essay

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It is okay, companies, schools and the government review that person’s content without his or her permission?
Ever feel like you are being watched? In past several decades, the evolution of technology has changed the definition of privacy. Privacy no longer completely exists in the 21st century anymore unless person doesn’t use social media, cellphones, and Internet. Social media and Internet create an open environment that anyone can see into person’s life. Although social media and Internet are public to everybody, companies, schools and the government shouldn’t review that person’s content without his or her permission. The reasons for anyone shouldn’t review personal content without permission are materials in social media and Internet can’t truly express the person, and colleges and companies might erroneously identify the profile of person.
Many colleges and universities do keep track of students’ social media although social media can’t express who students truly are. “Of 381 college admissions officers who answered a Kaplan 31 percent said they had visited an applicants Facebook or other personal social media page to learn more about than” (Singer). In fact, some high prospective students are denied by the college because of their social media content. These students’ all hard work to get in college shouldn’t deny because of what they have on social media. Everyone has their freedom of speech on the Internet. An undergraduate at Pitzer college in Claremont, Calif, who is prospective student got notification that admissions office noticed he had posted offensive comments about one of his high school teachers. Teens are the more emotionally than adults, and in that case school admission didn’t ask him what actually happened between student and teacher. One comment that person wrote when he was in anger doesn’t mean he is aggressive to everyone. Human behavior and skills are not person’s content on social media, so...


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