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It & Management (Subject) 1st Year College Risks And Responses Associated With It Systems

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What can go wrong and why?-Lack of knowledge or fear of computers in management, can result in IT departments having a free run. Possibly resulting in overly "techie" minded IT departments rationalising and justifying upgrading to the "latest and coolest" software or hardware without considering organisational goals, financial concerns or even the true relevance of the application etc.-Poor forecasting of initial/ongoing costs related to maintaining or upgrading existing systems.-Resistance within the organisation to change/under use of new and existing systems.-Lack of communication resulting in inadequate/inappropriate changes.-Poor support/training structures.-Poor integration between ...view middle of the document...

Management also needs to be able to carefully consider who should be in on the brainstorming preceding any new development. Making special consideration for various heads of departments, IT representatives, and end users of the new or improved systems. This serves many purposes. The obvious one being... who better to tell you what is needed from a system, than someone who is using its current alternative system, be it paper or out-dated PC. A second and possibly the more important purpose of such liaisons, is to bring more people onboard, creating interest rather than resistance, and a more open-minded attitude to the new developments.Training! Hardly needing any explanation, training is obviously essential in the implementation of any system, and ongoing training should the systems be updated, or proved to be underused. Usually resistance to the use of our modern technologies is down to fear and/or lack of ability. This can best be overcome, by introducing training to help instill familiarity. Possibly built into this, is the area of support, to include "hand holding" while staff learns their way, as well as systems support, for those inevitable conflicts and crashes etcBackup & security. Systems need to be employed to include daily routine backups, off-site back-ups, and contingency plans in the event of software or hardware failure or indeed, something by way of a fire or burglary etc. These need to be frequent and efficient to minimise downtime, and minimise the volume of data potentially lost, with security measures evaluated and implemented at all times.Managers need not be expected to understand every implication of all things IT, however a solid grounding in the bigger picture will help them...

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