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The Ferrero factory was first opened in Toronto 1974 with their different brands like Nutella, Ferrero factory, Tic Tac and Kinder chocolates. After successful growth company opened their industries in all over Canada. The first priority of the company is high quality, the finest raw materials for customers. The consumers are always the centre of the company and also focused on international development without losing the relationship between local suppliers and customers. The company also gives some additional services such as their various product in all convenient stores and also take care of the stocking. (ferrero canada, n.d.)
Executive summary
For Ferrero, the association with society, and specifically among customer and our brand, it’s important for them to provide the highest quality, the greatest value and best communication to the customer. Ferrero value chain responsible footsteps are animal welfare, sustainable and ethical sourcing, quality, traceability and safety, training and local communities, environmental protection and self-production of energy, integrated and greener logistics. Ferrero company which is located in Brantford expand their area and add new on-site cocoa bean processing facility and also installed a wastewater treatment system so they can increase plant production capacity for the company famed hazelnut spread. A system of continuous auditing is carried out directly with supplier production sites to check procedures and required analysis. The raw material delivered to the factory is checked by a group purpose-built internal protocol in line with modern risk analysis, determine the frequency and type of the physical, microbiological, chemical and organoleptic tests of samples of new incoming goods. Also, they follow the strict internal testing system, and with the help of external certified agency inspections, food safety is also ensured. (
Risks associated
Flavour consistency
In order to maintain a consistent flavour, cocoa must be fermented properly, it must not be under-fermented or over-fermented. Along with that intensity of cocoa must be maintained to have a consistent flavour. Selection of cocoa is also an important step as there is a variety of cocoas to choose from these cocoas have different characteristics of flavour such as mouldy off-flavour, smoky off-flavour and earthy off-flavour.
Food allergies need to be considered and must be addressed properly as it can result in a fatal situation. It may be challenging as allergens such as tree nuts, milk, peanuts, soya and gluten are commonly used. One must also take care that no cross contamination takes place during manufacturing. Comment by unnati parmar:
Manufacturing may cause intrinsic risk of microbiological contamination of cocoa-based products. Beans that are mistreated during shipping or storage can be contaminated with bacteria if there are no proper sterilizing treatments.
Foreign Matt...


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