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Jane Addams' Concept Of "True Womanhood"

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The concept of "true womanhood" put forth by Jane Addams and other women suffrages fulfills the promise set forth by the New Women. These ideas of the women suffrages was to keep women in her own separate sphere, but to allow her sphere to grow outside of the home and into the surrounding world. Jane Addams and the other women suffrages wanted to fight in order to keep their status as a wife, a mother, a nurturer, and a keeper of cultured traditions in their society while the New Women wanted to gain their own independence, the desire to remove themselves from previous roles such as raising children was never instated.The promise of Jane Addams and other suffrages of the time fought to give ...view middle of the document...

"#This suppression of women's rights caused women to, together, form their own sort of political parties. For more than a century, women political activists have led a struggle for social justice that demonstrated a distinct continuity of reform interests. These suffrage parties made clever slogans, and protested their treatment from the man, and their right to vote. In response, women generated their own style of politics. Beginning with the drive for woman suffrage, woman organized at the grassroots level around major political and social issues.#The New Woman, although not fighting for the same things as Jane Addams and the other suffrages were, also never fought against their sex role as a mother. New Women wanted to have the same rights as men and be on equal playing fields in the work industry and in politics. The New Woman felt that she should have the right to vote because she was a person too, and that it should be a birthright and not a sex role. Although for many years men suppressed women in the home, women were now out in the world receiving college educations and were quickly approaching equality with men as far as education went. Why is it that an educated women did not have the right to vote, but a naïve man could? This is what the New Woman was against. Being able to...

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