Jazz Album Review: Phronesis: Alive Review Jazz History Towson University Essay

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Tracy Sun
Professor Morgan
Jazz History
04 October 2018
Phronesis: Alive Review
Trio jazz group Phronesis dropped their third album Alive back in 2010. As one of their most recognized pieces of work; the eight track album includes three songs recorded live, received great reviews from critics and was even chosen as the “Jazz Album of the Year” by Jazzwise and MOJO magazines. The trio’s ability to produce music with one another is presented as the album displays the fun, creative and energetic character of the jazz group along with traditional jazz references throughout.
Formed 2005, the group consists of Bassist/bandleader Jasper Hoiby, pianist Ivo Neame and drummer Anton Eger. Phronesis dropped their first album Organic Warfare in back in 2007. Receiving little attention for their debut album, their second album Green Delay was an immense improvement as it was named one of the “Top Ten Jazz Albums of 2009” by Jazzwise and received great reviews. Known for their sensational live performances after receiving recognition playing in the Banlieues Bleues Festival in Paris, their third album Alive would contain 3 songs that were recorded live with an audience instead of inside a recording studio. The live recordings displayed notable amounts of improvised solos from the bass and piano, opening their music to a broader field of interpretation for their listeners. Because the live recordings were so successful in Alive, Phronesis would later release another album in 2014 titled “Life to Everything” with similar live recordings. Their live recordings allows the group to have more freedom improvising and expressing their creativity through their music creating a relaxed easy-going vibe.
Regardless of the trio being non-Americans, the album Alive still features many American jazz characteristics. Addressing a sub-genre is difficult for this album as most of their style is jazz related. Phronesis does not experiment very much with other types of instruments and techniques and often remain using the same instruments and jazz patterns. Presenting a...

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