Jazzercise And The Rebrand Of The Company Mba Snhu 2 1

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· Corporate mission and rebranding alignment with it
· They’re about intensity and results, which is precisely what we sought to convey in this rebranding.”
·  Jazzercise logo by ditching its serif-based font for a sleeker, more energetic look
· n messaging such as “Jazzercise: You think you know us, but you don’t” and “We keep you moving, we keep it coming—you’ll transform.”
·  They’re about intensity and results, which is precisely what we sought to convey in this rebranding.
· Defining features of the product/service
· Results
· ustomers can incinerate up to 800 calories in one 60-minute Jazzercise class
· Current competitors
· Cross fit, zumba
· How the company is differentiating itself from competition
· Founded in 1969, Jazzercise has never stopped growing: its more than 8,300 certified instructors teach more than 32,000 weekly classes in 32 countries.
· What is your substantiated opinion of the potential rebrand effectiveness?
A corporate mission is extremely important as it attracts the type of talented employees that are desired by the company. Additionally, a mission is a competitive differentiator and can allows a company to stand out amongst its competitors. A mission also sets the culture and allows the organization to have engaged employees which can lead to company growth. Jazzercise’s mission is to create a challenging yet results oriented exercise that produces results. In the rebranding, the Marketing agency, CBX, is positioning the company as providing “intensity and results”. Additionally, the company wants to appeal to the younger generation by implementing a brand that’s more energetic and a sleeker look.
Defining a product or service is imperative the company is able to promise the benefits of the service to the customer. The product and features relate to the corpor...


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