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Jean Louise Essay

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Whitehurst 1
Ellen Whitehurst
Honors English
Mrs. Kelley
Jean Louise's Expedition
When a child is born, they come into the world without knowing how it is and how
people live. The genre of bildungsroman primarily revolves around a young character with
innocence. The character gradually loses their innocence, but gains maturity and self awareness
instead. In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, Jean Louise Finch learns how to see from
another person's perspective, accepting others as they are, and having tolerance.
The term 'blood is thicker than water' has been used throughout the years to symbolize
the bond of family being stronger than the bond of people who are unrelated. Scout's ...view middle of the document...

As time goes on, Scout is curious if Boo Radley is the person he is rumored to be. On the last
day of October, Scout participates in a pageant, and is lead by Jem. While walking to the school,
"Jem said, 'Boo must not be at home. Listen.'"(Lee 254). After the play is over, they hear
footsteps behind them on their journey home. At that instant, they are attacked. Thereafter, a man
carries Jem to the house. In Jem's bedroom, Heck Tate, Dr. Reynolds, Aunt Alexandra, Atticus,
and a man stand above him. As Heck Tate tries to uncover the details of the event, Scout soon
realizes the mystery man is Boo Radley. "...As I pointed he brought his arms down and pressed
the palms of his hands against the wall. They were white hands, sickly white hands that had
never seen the sun...His lips parted into a timid smile, and our neighbor's image blurred with my
sudden tears. 'Hey, Boo.'"(Lee 270) Scout realizes Boo saved Jem. As Scout walks Mr. Radley
home, she thinks of the neighborhood in Arthur's perspective. She finally grasps the idea of Boo
being their protector, keeping them safe. Afterwards, Atticus reads The Gray Ghost to Scout. As
he reads, she says "'Atticus, when they finally saw him, why he hadn't done any of those things...
Atticus, he was real nice.'"(Lee 281) Gossip can lead to false perceptions.
A father's influence on their daughters shape their...

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