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Jefferson Essay

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Thomas JeffersonI. Thomas Jefferson A. Born- April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Va. B. Died- July 4, 1826III. Running for PresidentA. First Term (1801-1805) Wed. March 4, 1801, inaugurated 3rd president of the United States. B. Second Term (1804-1809) C. Prominent Issues of the Elections1)Since electors did not state which of the two candidates they prefer, there was no way to decide which of the candidates should become President.2) Jefferson was elected in a second election held in the House of RepresentativesD.Opponent 1) First Term- John Adams, Aaron Burr 2) Second Term- Charles C. Pickney E. Vice Presidents 1) First Term- Aaron Burr 2)Second Term- George ClintonF. Political Party- Democratic-Republican IV. Domestic Events A. Ohio enters the Union, 1803: ...view middle of the document...

E. Zebulon Pike explores the west, 1806: American explorer and army officer he led an expedition to discover the source of the Mississippi River. The next year he explored the Louisiana Territory F. Burr Conspiracy, 1807: Former Vice President, Aaron Burr schemed to detach the U.S southwest to set up an independent nation-stateVI. Major Foreign Policy A. Louisiana Purchase, 1803: Jefferson bought New Orleans and the Louisiana Territory from the French. B. War with Barbary Pirates, 1804 C. Chesapeake and Leopard Affair, 1807: In June 1807 the United States frigate Chesapeake was stopped by the British ship Leopard. When the Chesapeake refuse to permit a search, the Leopard fired at it. Many Americans wanted to go to war against Britain. D. Embargo Act, 1807: Essentially closed American Ports to all foreign trade. E. Slave Trade to the U.S. outlawed according to Constitutional compromise, 1808: Congress passed a law prohibiting the importation of Slaves from Africa F. The Non-Intercourse Act, 1809: basically just a moderate version of the Embargo Act. VII. Major Conflict A. The major conflict was foreign trade and the trade embargoes and naval troubles that the United States had with Britain and France caused the most influential decisions Jefferson was forced to make. VIII. Major Inventions and Technological Advancements A. Fulton's Steamboat,1807: Robert Fulton's side-paddled, steam-powered riverboat made its first commercial voyage in Clermont. B. In 1806, David Melville attempted the construction of gas street lighting in Rhode Island. IX. Overall rating of the President A. Thomas Jefferson is one of the most eagerly embraced Presidents in American history due not only to his ambitions to be the "people's" president but his just overall work ethic.

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