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Naeshun Thomas
Darwinism has been around in the American society since 1859, even though that early time
Charles Darwin had only been addressed to animal and plant-based evolution. In 1871, with
The Descent of Man, he brought to the public’s attention his views and theories on natural
selection. Most people do not know much of what Darwin wrote, due to the criticism leveled
against it, as well as people mistaking the Survival of the fittest philosophy for Darwin’s
invention; however, this particular tenet was actually created by Herbert Spencer, who
suggested that competition would eventually, basically, thin out weak and produce more
strength and prosperity (Bannister, 2000). Charles Darwin did his most in the publication of the
origin of species. He wanted it to be presented as theory of revolution as it was an idea that it
was compatible with beliefs of god. (Dixon, 2009). Even though the British was finding his ideas
so great, the settlements in America was the problem. They did not find his revolution to
coincide with their faith. And that is really understandable because your mind can be telling you
to agree, but your heart just doesn’t agree with it. The America was trying to not only solve
interchurch religious strife which has caused a big problem with Darwinism and Creationism.
They had to also fix things between Social Darwinism, Eugenics, and opposing fundamentalist
Christians. Charles Darwin himself hated religious controversy. Apart from anything else, it
exacerbated his chronic bowel problems. (Dixon, 2009). Now we can see that Darwin didn’t like
the religious things and it’s made a big controversy between him and his work life.
When it comes to Darwin and human revolution, he avoided making...

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