Jekyll And Hyde Relevance To Today Qpcs 10n Research Paper

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Jekyll and hyde relevance to today
Deep in the mountains of Southern California the sun's rays were hammering down upon the ground, and dried tumbleweed was rolling across the cracked pathway. Large droplets of salty sweat began to drip down the side of my face, I wiped my forehead with my old, damp handkerchief. As I walked down the pathway I immediately noticed Lennie's long, wide footprint and followed his scent like a bloodhound. As I arrived at the brush I called Lennie forward.
The leaves rustled, and Lennie's gigantic head peered out. I was scared, but I knew what I had to do. I could not bear the sight of Lennie whimpering, and whining, nor the thought of him dying sad and distraught, but that is what would happen if I left it to Curly.
Lennie appeared fully out of the cover of the brush and I knew it was not going to be easy from the moment I saw his big, lovable eyes. Lennie walked towards me trembling, with remorse in his face and tears in his eyes.
Suddenly, thick, dark clouds were moving in from the top of the mountains, and the once sunny skies swiftly disappeared. I could hear the voices of the other men and their footsteps getting closer, and I knew the time was near. A flock of ravens suddenly began to circle the area, cawing loudly piercing the tense silence.
Lennie stepped closer and asked, "are you still going to let me tend the rabbits George"? at that moment, my heart sank, and I felt...

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