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JetBlue Case Study
JetBlue does a phenomenal job of fully addressing all the needs, wants, and
demands of its customers. The needs of JetBlue’s customers come down to three
simple necessity of food, security, and physical ability to seat and get to their
destination. The airline offers free foods and beverages to ensure its customers hungry
and thirst are sustained. Then the idea of safety comes from JetBlue's stellar airline
service and humorous safety instruction at the beginning of flights. JetBlue itself has
never had a major accident since its start in 1998. It hasn’t even had reported a single
serious injury from any past incidents with its gear problems. These above facts provide
a safety net for JetBlue’s customers. They don’t have to feel insecure or fearful of their
flights, but instead, they are reassured they will get to their destination in one piece.
However, JetBlue knows simply offering basic needs aren’t enough. It realizes
that its customers have wants based on their culture and individual personalities. Their
wants are a way for them to communicate their needs. Yes, customers need food, but
they just don’t want one simple option, which is why JetBlue has a wide variety of
snacks and drinks from Terra Blue Chips, Immaculate Baking’s Chocobillys cookies,
and Dunkin Donuts Coffee. In addition, JetBlue also realizes that customers don’t want
to have to constantly ask and beg for food, so the airline makes sure attendants are
regularly offering food and beverages on all flights. This is why customers are never
hungry or thirsty, but instead have their wants satisfied. It is also widely known that
customers want comfort on their flights, so JetBlue padded and covered its seats in
leather and added an extra three inches of legroom to prevent any discomfort. On many
flights, each seat has LCD in-flight entertainment systems as well since no one wants to
be bored on a long or short flight, and it's a good way to pass time during delays. In the
airport itself, JetBlue focuses on the fact that customers are always in a rush and want
to quickly move past security by increasing security lanes in its US terminals. The
terminals themselves offer free wifi, which every person wants and can even be
considered a need in today's society.
Lastly, customers have demands too, which are wants backed by buying power.
For example, if the complimentary in-flight entertainment and legroom aren't enough,
customers can easily pay $6 for their preferred tv show or $10 for “Even more legroom”
seats. The terminals themselves provide high-end dining options and a variety of retails
stores for the customers who demand a high caliber food service and shopping options
as they wait for their flight. If they have the money and want, they can go ahead and
purchase a Kobe burger or new outfit for their trip. Then the workplaces and children's
lounges can also be seen as a demand by customers who want a nicer terminal that is
family friendly and accommodates for...

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