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Turn of the Screw: Movie Notes
· Ann sitting in psychiatrist chair alone, staring intensely (img 1)
· Flashing montage of warm, happy wind chiming music, flickering garden sunlight, children, birds singing
· Music grows more piercing and tense as the camera moves shakily, heavy panting above a coffin and a woman screams
· Several dejected, depressed people sitting and being cared for
· Title London 1921
· Man walks briskly down corridor ignoring woman’s pleas to escape
· Dim, gloomy setting, panning long shot follows man
· Piano music stops as they begin to talk
· He shows her photos
· Asks her to tell him what had happened
· Flashback: She was ‘young, innocent in the big city for the first time’
· She sits on couch talking to handsome man (Master) (img 2)
· ‘There are so many women, beautiful, accomplished.. virtuous’
· Asks her to promise never to disturb him, gently strokes her hand
· Flashes back to real time
· Man outside window is struggling against the women caretakers and a priest stands before him, chanting prayers (post warman struggling with trauma)
· “Why do you let those bloody priests in here? This is a place of science. Where was their God when those boys were at the Somme?”- psychiatrist says in disgust
· --
· Governess finds white dress in closet
· Finds white dress in closet, finds hair in it
· Shaky camera, dark scene of building, silhouette moving (img 3)
· Dog (dalmation) barks angrily at her when she approaches it
· Growls as she approaches door and looks inside, rocking horse is moving slightly but no one appears inside
· Observes room, weird plaster things
· Receives letter from school claiming Miles was expelled
· pictures master and herself kissing and sexually in bed together
Miles and Flora run around house laughing happily, white dress flowing picture of innocence
“We were all alone at Bly, all women cast aways. But I was captain of the ship”
· They pick up Miles from train station (img6)
· He gives her a doll and she says it looks like the governess
· Morning, birds chipping, happy sweet slow melody played by miles on the grand piano. He is surrounded by darkness contrasting to his white hair and clothes (img 4)
· Flora picks flowers from the garden (img 5
· Camera becomes incredibly shaky and wobbly as Ann heads outside into the garden
· Trying to find Flora and calling her name
· Camera is at a tilted angle on ground as governess walks across grass, music becomes more sombre and hushed voices and whispering (img)
· She is led to Ms Jessiel’s grave
· She sees movement and trees and thinks it is ghost but is just Ms Grose
· Ms Grose explains Jessiel’s story and her drowning in river (img)
· “ I didn’t realise there was a church on the estate. Oh yes we might go there once a month if we’re lucky. God isn’t really interested in us” – Ms Grose
· Shaky camery gives implication that they are followed
· Miles and Flora playing piano together
· Ann claims she grew to love Bly and the children
· Rows with them (imgx2)

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