Equality 7 2521’s Steps Towards Individualism

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November 28, 2018
Equality 7-2521’s Steps Towards Individualism
The Setting of a story can influence the way the reader feels about a novel. Going from different settings in the novel, Anthem, helps the novel to develop. The society has a big impact on Equality 7-2521, which causes him to break the rules. Equality, his brothers, and everyone else in this society is treated as a group, not as their own individual person. Equality chooses to break the rules by going to places he should not be, doing things he is not supposed to be doing, and lying. As a result of this, Equality decides to make his own society where he can be with the one he loves, The Golden One, and not worry about any rules. In this new setting, he finds out what it means to be an individual. In the novel Anthem, the change in setting symbolizes Equality's journey of self-discovery towards individualism.
The city in which the novel takes places has lots of charactectics that are associated with Equality 7-251’s behavior. The city can be described as a quiet, dark place to be. In the city the sky is dark, which makes the mood of the community depressing. This depressing/boring community that Equality lives in is not somewhere people would want to be. Therefore, leading Equality to run away. The city makes the community follow strict rules. The city has certain rules that the members of the city are expected to follow at certain times and places. This has a large impact on the way Equality feels about his freedom. Equality has no freedom to choose the job he wants, instead he is assigned to a job as a street sweeper. This is a big factor on his decision to break the rules, and search to be his own person. The city is known as being feared by members of the city because of all the strict rules enforced. The city enforces rules such as: no writing, fighting, independent thinking, speaking the unspoken word, being alone, and thinking of the uncharted forest. No one besides Equality is brave enough to break these rules. These characteristics are reasons why Equality escapes from the city into the forest.
The tunnel is the first place that Equality gets to be alone without his brothers for the first time, because he is the only ...


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