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Job Redesign Essay

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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards AssessmentMichelle StokesPSY 320May 20, 2014Dr. Hauck




Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards AssessmentHaving a healthy workplace environment is vital to any company. When dealing with the wants and needs of consumers the employees needs some motivational tips. Managers have to be aware of exactly what needs to be done in reference to making sure that the employees are well equipped to take care of the consumer. There are many programs and assessments that can provide excellent customer service and problem solving techniques; the manager has to ...view middle of the document...

Being a School Bus DriverI am proud to be a bus driver. I was not when I first started. Back then it was just a job like any other. But I have learned that if u put all the things I find important into this job, I feel proud when I tell others about it.I have been driving school buses for three years. I have been on route 318 for three years. When I talked about my job and everything it means to me, my face lights up with pride. Being a bus driver is an important job. Bus Drivers have a lot to deal with on day to day bases. A lot of people that all bus drivers do are just drive the bus. That's not true at all. We are responsible for each and every one of those kids that boards our bus. As soon as they get on our bus, they are our responsible until we transport them to school in a safe way. We are constantly driving and looking in our rearview mirrors to make sure the kids are following the rules of the bus. Bus drivers have to drive offense as well as defense.You get to know and bond with the children or students that we transport on day to day bases. The children that we transport look to us as their friends. Some of the children feel like they can talk to their bus driver with no worries at all. The children get that comfort and security from their bus drivers. In most cases we as bus drivers have that confidence with our children. Being a School Bus Driver is a great feeling. The students that I transport, I consider are my children.Major responsibility as a driver (bullet 2)As a bus driver, there are varied tasks in addition to the responsibility for the students. The driver is responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of all the students that assigned to the bus. If we have any problems, issues, or concerns then we will go to our Operational Manager. If our Operational Manager cannot resolve the situation, then we go to our Supervisor. There are a lot of responsibilities as a Driver. We have to conduct or perform pre-trip inspections according to the state guidelines to ensure the safety of the students. We use the proper and required signals and make sure traffic has come to a complete stop before loading and unloading students. We instruct the students on the proper and correct ways or methods to board and depart the bus and make sure that these instructions are carefully observed.Controlling pupil behavior on the bus is a big issue that we as drivers have to deal with. In order to transport the students on the bus, there has to be control. The driver has to make sure all of the students are behaving appositely on the bus. The driver has to be able to drive without any distraction. The bus driver has to maintain complete concentration and stay focus at all. If there is a distraction on the bus, the driver has to take his or her eyes off of the road and that can cause a major accident. All students are to abide by and follow the rules of the bus. If any student or students break these rules, they will suffer the...

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