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Job Satisfaction Paper

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Team Assignment: Job SatisfactionMonique Cone, Amanda Allard, Nicole Jackson, Natalia Cruz, Adriel MontalvanPSY428August 9, 2010Antonio BorrelloJob SatisfactionJob satisfaction is someone that is happy with the job they have. The happier he/she is with their job, the more satisfied he/she is. People always like to compare job satisfaction with motivation, but they are not the same. The two issues are linked together though. To enhance your job satisfaction you must be able to have job enrichment, job enlargement and job rotation. Also some employees have job satisfaction because some companies were proactive and aware of human nature and some ...view middle of the document...

Job satisfaction on the other hand is the level of gratification that an individual demonstrates while in the work environment. There are several key ingredients to job satisfaction with knowing these ingredients one is able to better adapt to the new organizational culture and the skills needed to bring forth success. It begins with knowledge, knowledge of knowing what to expect within the work environment and what the organization expects out of you as the new employee. This can sometimes be difficult; however with determination the new employee can maintain high standards of job fulfillment through the awareness of others as well as setting personal goals to perform at the level that is required within the organization.This awareness can aid in the development of their capabilities which naturally can influence on satisfaction within an organization. Employees will be more satisfied when they have chances to illustrate their abilities as well as to master and improve their skills. This brings forth confidence within the individual in all areas which naturally conveys to the organization that they are willing to effectively perform job oriented task that aim toward a successful outcome in the organizations entirety.When an employee is newly hired their socialization into the organization is paramount to their success and satisfaction on the job. For instance, a newly hired employee to a job in sales would need to be given all the tools, rules and policies that their employer wants them to operate under so that they can be effective in their position. Particularly in the area of sales, it is important that an employee is well integrated so that they can be successful sales people very early on. This is especially important for people whose income is derived from the how they are able to perform their jobs.Most salespeople have the highest level of satisfaction when they are given all the tools that they need from the beginning and then are left alone to complete their jobs. Even in industries that are not sales oriented, an organization socializing an employee into the organization effectively from the beginning doesn't just include teaching them their job but also helping them to sign up for all of their benefits and making sure that they are properly introduced to the staff and the facilities. This makes the employee feel like an important part of the team. It also shows give the employee the impression that they are important to the organization and that their presence is not only important but welcome to the organization.It shows in organizations that...

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