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John Adams Essay

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David Lai12/2/02History ReportPeriod 6"John Adams"John Adams was one of the most remarkable minds in US history. He had played huge roles in the early development of our country, and had a great impact on creating what is now our US constitution. Among the many remarkable achievements Adams had accomplished were two terms as vice president and a single term as the 2nd United States President.John Adams was born in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1735. His family, Adams says, "cut down more trees than anyone in the colony." During his early years, "Adams' mother pushes him toward the ministry, and Adams considers that direction, but he changes his mind." He was educated in Harvard, and pursued a ...view middle of the document...

He pleaded against many of the unjust acts instituted by Great Britain, but never becomes part of the radical Sons of Liberty, like his cousin Sam Adams. Despite working for the same cause, John and Sam would often be found quarreling with each other throughout the novel. Sam is often seen inciting and rallying the colonists to rebel, he says that, "I will do whatever I can to inflame (the colonists)." John, on the other hand, struggles to keep the peace and find an easier way to achieve freedom. Adams quotes that, "if the mobs gain control, then God help us." Together these two play a major role in the outcome of this book, and our country as we know it today.In the beginning of the novel, Adams first appears after the shooting and killing of the 5 colonists, what would come to be known as, with the assistance of his cousin Sam, the Boston Massacre. He is later seen having a small argument with Sam as to whether Sam had arranged the killings to inflame the colonists.Some time later we see Adams again walking through his fields in Braintree. He thinks about the intensity of the past occurrences, like the Boston Massacre, and what it will bring to come. He questions himself saying, "But what happens when both sides seek vengeance? Reason is trampled. There can only be more violence."Adams and his accomplice Josiah Quincy are asked to defend Captain Preston, who is believed to have given the order to kill the colonist. With help from Adams and key witnesses, Preston is set free.Later, John attends a meeting in the Old South Hall where a significant transformation occurs in him. Sam Adams...

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