Johnny Tremain, Why He Would Have Fought For Free Dom With The Whigs 9th Grade English Essay

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Abigail Unger
Johnny Tremain
September 16, 2018
Johnny Tremain, written by Esther Forbes, in 1943, tells a story about an orphaned boy who is growing up as a silversmith apprentice during revolutionary-era Boston. Johnny faced extremely detrimental challenges and struggles throughout his youth. One of the life changing challenges Johnny faced was when one of his ignominous fellow apprentices , morose over Johnny’s oppressive treatment of him, set Johnny up to utterly destroy his craftsmanship by burning his hand. Had he not been injured, I believe Johnny would have fought for freedom alongside the rebellious Whig party, which was a revolutionary group that was forming during his childhood. Johnny exhibited loyalty, bravery, and great ambition throughout the book, which are key characteristics of someone who would be willing to endanger his life for his country.
Loyalty is defined by the Webster’s dictionary as, “A strong feeling of support or allegiance.” This resolutely depicts Johnny’s actions toward his family and friends throughout the story. For example, Johnny made the decision to stay with the Lyte family, who needed his financial support, instead of leaving them for a better job. The second thing that Johnny did which tangibly showed loyalty was that he protected Cilla and Isannah, who were not even still his friends, from being tarred and feathered. It takes profound loyalty to risk your own life to help a friend. Johnny lived an example of this by purchasing guns and running illegal errands for Rab in support of the Whig party.
Alexander Hamilton stated, “There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, which makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.” Despite the grotesque, false accusations of theft made by the incredulous Mr. Lyte, Johnny bravely approached him to offer him the opportun...


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