Essay That Describes The "Human Tendencies Toward Evil" Found In Heart Of Darkness

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In the classic novel, Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad takes us on a journey into the soul of man. When the character of Marlow travels into the Congo of Africa to find Kurtz, he realizes that he is in a place where the rules of society no longer constrain human nature, and the frightening truths about human beings can be observed first hand.Marlow discovers that human nature can experience its' dark side. This can be seen through the observation of Kurtz. He also discovers that human nature can be altered, subject to the constraints placed on it by the environment, and that it is able to be either good or evil. The temptation of evil, existing especially in an environment lacking any rul ...view middle of the document...

"Both the diabolic love and the unearthly hate of the mysteries it had penetrated fought for the possession of that soul satiated with primitive emotions, avid of lying fame, of sham distinction, of all the appearances of success and power"(146).The conflict between good and evil is raging in Kurtz's soul at this time, as he struggles between the greatness that he had possessed, and the emptiness of a soul tempted by evil. When first talking to Marlow, Kurtz tells him that he was "on the threshold of great things" (143). As they travel through the wilderness to leave the station that destroyed Kurtz, Marlow comments, "Oh he struggled! He struggled! The wastes of his weary brain were haunted by shadowy images now -- images of wealth and fame revolving obsequiously round his inextinguishable gift of noble and lofty expression" (146). Even as he waits to die, Kurtz's greatness refused to completely submit as it fights the powerful force of evil that has consumed his soul. Before he dies, Marlow observes on Kurtz's face "the expression of somber pride, of ruthless power, of craven terror"(147). All of human nature, evoked from the lack of limitations he found in the wilderness, fought within him until the end - when he sums up his struggles and observations of human nature with one phrase: "The horror! The horror!" Marlow admires Kurtz for these words, because Kurtz had learned and reached a conclusion on human nature in his last moment of life, and, as Marlow says, "the most you can learn from it is some knowledge of yourself...." (148). Marlow also calls these words "a moral victory" because they show that he had struggled to the end. Hence, Kurtz has not simply resigned to a state between good and evil, but he has been able to judge everything that he had experienced, throwing out one phrase at the ...


Representation of Power in Heart of Darkness

468 words - 2 pages Marlow's aunt does not stop at getting him the job but continues to echo through the Company's correspondence in Africa. At the Company's headquarters, Marlow encounters a number of apparently influential women, hinting that all enterprises are ultimately female-driven. This is also shown by the "white haired secretarial head" which exerts a rather ghostly and power-hungry feel.Bibliography: Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad/The Heart of Darkness

385 words - 2 pages and imperialism continues.The last ideal is Marlow's own contradicting thoughts and feelings along his journey in Africa with the whole process of imperialism. He knows what is right to do, but fails to do it in the end. But, he does not totally sell out because his conscience is constantly at war with these good and bad notions. This shows the complexity of human psychology between what is right and what is actually possible, given the circumstances in everyday society. Imperialism is also complex because the people who have the power to change things have a different mind-set toward the notion and to deny it would mean a denial of their identity.

An Analysis Of The Women In "Heart Of Darkness" By Joseph Conrad

473 words - 2 pages Heart of DarknessA striking contrast in the story "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad is the differences between the two women that Kurtz is involved with. His intended, a white woman who waits faithfully for him in Europe, and his fiery African mistress help to reinforce the themes and ideas in the story.The two main female characters can be seen as symbols of the contrast between light and darkness. Kurtz's mistress is "savage and superb

Racial Fixation and Otherness in Moby Dick and Heart of Darkness - AP Literature - essay

1811 words - 8 pages through these characters. They ​are​ the observers. They are the ones who see the problems around them, the ones that can see clearly through the corrupt darkness of human experience. Melville and Conrad place themselves into their narrators world, and these worlds are in which the reader can experience rather than a system of ideas they must understand. ​Moby Dick​ and ​Heart of Darkness​ are not coded messages, but a kind of complicated puzzle you

Comparative Essay. "Heart Of Darkness" By Joseph Conrad And William Golding's "Lord Of The Flies"

2729 words - 11 pages must learn from this experience how he or she can prevent similar results from occurring in the future. It is ultimately through self-knowledge that we gain the power to defeat our inner darkness, and all of its elements. Just as everyone has the potential for evil within themselves, we too have the potential for true goodness. In many literary works the author attempts to exemplify the evil which lies within by showing many characters which have

Heart of Darkness and Kurtz's development - English IV - Essay

1257 words - 6 pages 1 Godoy Coni Godoy Dr.Williams English IV 14 December 2017 Heart of Darkness Midterm In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, we see that Kurtz has gone through a drastic development throughout the course of the short story. Kurtz enters Africa wanting to help westernize the culture but ends up coming out of it just as savage as the natives inhabiting it. His insanity can be recorded as three main stages in his development. The first stage analyzes

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1042 words - 5 pages Kurtz from a Marxist standpoint, we could see how his greedy behavior was influenced by society disparity. This brings me to the psychoanalytic standpoint of the story. In Heart of Darkness, Marlow was not only on a quest to trade ivory and meet Kurtz, but he was on a quest to discover himself and his self conscious.“I had simply a notion it somehow would be of help to that Kurtz whom at the time I did not see, you understand. He was just a word

Darkness And Light In Heat Of Darkness Compare Kurtz's African Woman To "His Intended" And Show How This Contrast Highlights The Central Theme Of The Novel: Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

979 words - 4 pages Free In Joseph Conrad's novella, Heart of Darkness, Marlow - who is both the protagonist, whose actions make up the main plot of the novel, and the narrator, whose thoughts and attitudes shape the reader's perception of the story - has a revelation about human nature. Initially, he associates things such as civilisation, knowledge, and good in terms of light - as it appears; and lack of civilisation, savagery, and evil in terms of darkness - an

Hamlet, Heart Of Darkness And Wuthering Heights

2473 words - 10 pages IntroductionThis essay compares one literary works to two others belonging to a different genre by focusing on one literary element. The texts that have been chosen for analysis are Hamlet by William Shakespeare that would be compared to Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The first text is a play or drama whereas the rest of the two are novels. The comparison would focus on the themes of the three

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871 words - 4 pages Free background which play a role in expressing the mood of the photo. The design of the area added to the exhibit it gave the room some motion seeing that the picture cannot move. The room had varying paint on the wall that contrasted with the color of the pictures. The pictures and the jacket were placed in a way to grab the attention of the viewers. It’s an interesting exhibit that did a good job of showcasing the Jacket from Dachau that was found 37

"Heart Of Darkness" By Joseph Conrad And "The Lord Of The Files" By William Golding

808 words - 4 pages few boys."What is the-' Truth' in the Heart of Darkness & Lord of The Flies?"The 'Truth' is Humanity-it is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defectsof the human nature.In the Heart of Darkness, Conrad used Kurtz as a main character to introduce the'truth' to his readers. Kurtz was an exceptional man; he was the best agent andwas of great importance to the company. Yet, he left the company and made hisown tribe of the

Kurtz: A Mystery In Disguise - "Heart Of Darkness" By Joseph Conrad

1289 words - 6 pages Free Sometimes a character, one that is barely mentioned in the novel, can be an integral part of the novel itself - one who brings out one of the novel's main themes. Kurtz is one such example in Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness". The mystery in this novel is mainly about a character named Kurtz whom Marlow desires to meet and speak with. Kurtz, like many others, changes due to overexposure in the African jungle. But even after Marlow meets with

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1955 words - 8 pages upon the reader. These two concepts of European Imperialism and Racism are very much intertwined, and virtually justify each other when required, throughout ‘Heart of Darkness.’ Though, it is still imperative, that in understanding the main ideas utilised by Conrad in ‘Heart of Darkness,’ that we take note of the meaningful idea that darkness can be found at the heart of everything. This ideology of ‘all things consist of some darkness at

The Theme Of Evil In Shakespeare's Othello

2308 words - 10 pages the rise of evil. This icon itself could be seen as an extremist right-wing leaders road to power (examples are Hitler and Gorbatschov), which, naturally, Shakespeare wasn't around to see lying diseased in his grave. This proves that the philosophical, moral and human issues Shakespeare brings up in his plays and sonnets are still, perhaps miraculously, around today. This proves the writer of 'Othello' as being one of the best human

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738 words - 3 pages power, is when Marlow first sees and describes Kurtz. Previously hearing of his vigor for power and immense knowledge/wisdom, Marlow does not expect the feeble man who emerged, bedridden and ill, to be the “great” Kurtz he has heard about. Marlow comments that when Kurtz spoke, he opened his mouth as if to swallow the whole world—this statement establishes the fact that even though he is ill and in need of assistance in all arenas—to maintain