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Journal Essay

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Amies ChienAmerican Literature/ Reading journal 1 Dwandwan Ou-Yang2014/4/7Reading journal 1-Winter Dreams by F. Scott FitzgeraldThis is not my first time to read a story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I read his famous book " The Great Gatsby" before the "Winter Dreams". My first impression of "Winter Dreams", is that the structure and the traits of characters are very similar. I want to discuss two main points that I discovered after reading ...view middle of the document...

The first issue is the portrayal of women in the story. In this book, Judy Jones is a girl who is charming, unattainable, and irresistible to many men. She does not really take any of the relationships between the various suitors and herself seriously. In my opinion, the portrayal of women is that they are gentle, speak only a few words and always stay at home. Here the images of women are different from the other books that I have read before, and therefore gives me an innovative feeling when reading this story. Second, is the background of the main character, Dexter Green. He grows up from a caddie to a successful businessman because he works hard to gain his wealth and status. But I think he is really blind to his emotional failings and for him, money and love can't be separated. When he finally reaches his goal, he feels that it's not deserved. He states a long time ago, there was something on his mind, but now that thing is gone. Here the speaker may want to remind the readers not to pursue the bustling world too blindly. Do not forget your originality while you chase your dreams. As I said this story is similar with " The Great Gatsby", so it is not hard to get understand what the main idea Fitzgerald wants to express.

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