Journal Entry Chapter 2 For Child Psychology - Catawba College Child Psychology - Assignment

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CJ Harris
Dr. Holmes
Child Psychology 1340, 8:00 a.m.
11 April 2018
Journal Entry
In chapter 8 (Early Childhood) Physical Development, I learned about and reviewed in
class: growth patterns, motor development, health and illness, sleep, and elimination disorders.
While working at the Partners in Learning Center, I was able to watch a couple of preschoolers
(4-5 years old), demonstrate gross motor skills, they were skipping and pedaling tricycles around
the playground. I have gained an visual experience outside of the classroom, as well as an
understanding on why motor experience in infancy may affect the development of gross motor
skills in early childhood.​ ​During my senior year of high school, I occasionally had the
responsibility of getting my baby sister Amirah ready in the morning for preschool. At first she
needed my help, but after about four months of my help, she had learned how to properly dress
herself up. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had helped my baby sister Amirah develop one of
her fine motor skills.
In chapter 9 (Early Childhood) Cognitive Development, I learned about and reviewed in
class: the development of memory and language, Jean Piaget’s preoperational stage, the factors
in cognitive development, and the theory of mind.​ ​Approximately one month ago, right before
spring break I was working at the Partners in Learning Center. I had a conversation with one of
the preschoolers named Liam, we talked for about 10 minutes. I want you to know that Liam is
four years old. So during our conversation, Liam told me that his birthday was next month is
April 13th. So I asked Liam “what present would you like for your birthday next month”? His
response was a monster truck. Fast forward to today, almost a month later and Liam asks me
“Mr.CJ are you going to get me a monster truck for my birthday this Friday”? I’m shocked in
surprise chuckling because I thought he would forget about our conversation, but he didn’t. Liam
has demonstrated development of memory and language to me, because he was able...

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