Journeys Involve Overcoming Obstacles In 'life As A House'. Discuss. - Essay On 'life As A House' Film - Essay

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‘Life As A House’- Essay
The act of self- reflection is an essential aspect of journeys. Provide extensive reasoning regarding
whether you agree or oppose this concept utilising the text ‘Life As A House’.
Journeys Involve Overcoming Obstacles. Discuss the statement in relation to your text and one
other text selected.
The prevalence of the overcoming of obstacles presented in the trials and tribulations of spiritual,
physical and mental journeys is certainly an integral aspect to be anticipated. The film, ‘Life As A
House’, explicates such through vast emphasis upon the themes of hindsight and recollections, as
well as introspective contemplation following life altering events. The essence of such is embodied
through a variety of examples of the human experience, which portray the complexity of human
nature with a literal and figurative quality. Through such reasoning, the film accentuates the variety
of forms journeys undertake, through its thematic basis, and resounding significance placed upon
introspection throughout the multitudinous journeys. The introspection is constantly onset by
obstacles of diverse forms confronted by the characters, who endure the numerous challenges
with a broader reflection upon journeys, emphasised through directorial techniques. This further
supports the ideology of journeys encompassing endurance and success whilst confronting
obstacles, which in turn, form the basis and variety of the journeys.
The prominence of the triumphing of obstacles is presented on many occasions through the
physical and emotional journey of the main character, George Monroe. This character endures two
diverse journeys, occurring in parallel, with each journey sustaining the lifeblood of its inverse. The
physical journey of George causes great despair, as his body begins to collapse beneath the
unbearable toll of his terminal cancer. Upon his collapse at work, his arms and legs are spread in a
form of submission and resignation, without defence, emphasising his physical vulnerability
through body language. However, ultimately, this challenge may not be overcome, George’s
endurance of the illness provides a wealth of rewards in his emotional endeavour. Initially, George
must repair the suffering relationship with his son, Sam. The dire straits of the relations...

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