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Kaleb, Mia, Riley
​ Hsú Family Study Guide//Scar
In this flashback of An-mei's child we learn that her mother was not the horrible person
that people told An-mei she was. She was not uncaring and mean, she loved her
daughter more than anything. An-mei's mother left her father who is now dead to find
happiness. Divorcing her husband meant betraying her family and abandoning her
children, so she was forced to do so. Despite all the things she has heard about her
mother, An-mei still deeply loves her. At the end of the chapter, Popo is on her
deathbed and An-mei's mother goes the extra mile to show how much she truly does
love her family despite being disowned by them, when she puts her own flesh in a soup
to try to cure Popo.
1) Why did Popo tell An-Mei her mother was a ghost?
2) Why does An-mei think her house is unhappy?
3) What does An-mei's aunt think of An-mei's brother?
4) Does An-mei have a relationship with her mother?
5) Why did An-mei's mother leave the house when An-mei was ‘dying’?
6) Why did An-mei's mother put her flesh in the soup to give to Popo?
Kaleb, Mia, Riley
Figurative Language
Definition Example from Chapter
What was the lesson learned between An-Mei and her mother?
What was the overall theme in this chapter?
Kaleb, Mia, Riley
Hsú Family “Half and Half” (p.116)
Rose begins Half and Half by describing a white leather bible that was loved by
her mother for many years, which is now being used as a kitchen table leg prop. Rose
sits and watches her mother sweep the kitchen, while wondering of ways to tell her
news of her divorce. Rose knows An-mei is going to try to convince her to save her
marriage. Rose’s mind wonders, and the feeling she gets reminds her of a tragic event
that happened to her as a kid. As an attempt to be more like an american family, An-mei
took her family to the beach. Rose watching over the children allows four year old Bing
to walk out to the reef to go see his father. Distracted by An-mei sending Rose to break
up a sibling fight. Rose turns to check on bing, only to watch as Bing falls into the
ocean. Rose’s sisters catch a glimpse and warn to get help, but after hours of searching
Bing’s body never is found. An-mei spent much time praying for the return of her son,
only to get nothing. After acceptance of Bing’s death, Rose comes to realize ​“fate is
shaped half by expectation, half by inattention”​. She believes her inattention to Bing,
lead to his death.
1) Bing’s name written in the death section of the white bible suggest that this was the
same bible An-mei used when she was praying at the beach for her sons return. ​Is this
statement true​? Explain.
2) What was it that Being asked Rose to do when they visited the beach?
3) How does An-mei driving without a license to the beach so she can pray show her
devotion to her son Bing?
Kaleb, Mia, Riley
4) What form of Figurative language is “I can make him stay there forever.
(A) Simile (B) Hyperbole (C) Metaphor ...

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