Jr. League Grant: Engage Me Elmo Ccsd/Teacher Submission Grant Application

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Brief description of your project
The “Engage-Me-Elmo” Project will enhance, enrich, and expand, the second grade curriculum with interactive, project-based, collaborative, “hands-on” learning. Purchasing two ELMO™’s (digital overhead projectors, often called document cameras) to be used by second grade teachers will afford the digital natives of today (our students) an improved teaching and learning experience – as the impact of this technology will allow teachers the opportunity to engage students in interactive learning across all subject the educational curriculum inexperiences needed to engage them in the learning process.
The goal of this project is to offer second grade students the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to become successful learners and ultimately productive members of our global society. As a result of the Engage me Elmo project, teachers and students will use the digital projector (ELMO™) across the curriculum to:
· Display, reflect upon, manipulate, and/or revise any paper, book, 3-D object, pictures – including moving pictures, and student-work,
· Showcase scientific processes, predictions, procedures, and findings.
· Model and share effective use of Writing Traits, Thinking Maps, learning and problem solving strategies.
· Collectively reflect upon and modify student-work (Either teacher or student-led).
· Students will work with use the projector in to manipulate 3-D objects, showcase their predictions, processes, findings, showcases their creations, share learning strategies,
· Create and share lesson plans during grade level meetings (which will be housed on the school server.
October 2009: Unpack, Set-Up Elmo ™, put on Cart, and meet with second grade teachers to discuss check-out procedure. Attend Grade Level Meetings to in-service teachers on initial uses. Sample Lesson Plans will be distributed and teachers will share their ideas.
November 2009: The Computer teacher will conduct 1-2 model lessons in all second grade rooms where teachers need support in implementing ELMO technology.
December 2009-August 2010: The Elmo technology will be used throughout the second grade classrooms. Lesson plan ideas will be created and distributed via the Interact Conference and the school server.
This equipment will be used across the curriculum for a variety of purposes. It will prevent the needless act of copying, as any paper can be projected onto the screen. Another important feature will allow the manipulation of data in any form to be used to keep materials interactive and students engaged. Any manipulative could be placed under the Elmo to allow all students to visually see and manipulate as an entire group. Ideas for cross curricular implementation include: calendar activities, sharing student writing samples that can be edited by the class and then used for publishing student books, interactive math activities, word sorts, categorizing parts of speech, spelling practice, connecting with...

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