Julio Claudians Building Programs Year 12 Essay

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What was the ​significance​ of the various ​building programs​ conducted within Rome
towards ​population growth​ and ​political policy​ - provide specific examples.
The building programs during the Julio-Claudian dynasty was significant in its contribution to the
growth of the Roman population and the political policy. Building programs such as aqueducts,
theatres and forums demonstrated the princeps care for the people which supported population
growth. Augustus, who created of the concept of the ‘princeps’, influenced many of the
Julio-Claudian building programs. He created many important buildings in order to consolidate
Rome’s population growth and political policy.
Augustus initiated many building programs which greatly contributed to Roman citizens and the
political policy; these reforms/building programs would later benefit Rome, decades after his
death. According to Issy W., a student at Bristol University, Augustus’ building programs clearly
addressed the practical issue of a lack of public space (Issy W., n.d.). For example, Forum
Augusti was created in order to provide a public space which was open to everyone to go about
their daily lives. It acted as an overflow from the existing Forum which was becoming
overcrowded. Augustus’ building programs were overall highly practical and also acted as s a
public statement of wealth, power and of Rome (Webb, p. 9). With the assistance of Marcus
Agrippa, Augustus successfully introduced an aqueduct system which provided clean and
plentiful water to Rome’s people. His building programs was significant positively impacted the
daily lives of the Roman people, thus Augustus secured support and admiration which would
help solidify his position as the Princeps.
Tiberius, Augustus’ successor was a careful, prudent and cautious administrator. Unlike the
other princeps, Tiberius was not extravagant in his expenses and therefore there were no
memorable construction projects which lasted the centuries. Tiberius did not complete any
major works and instead was satisfied with continuing the incomplete works of Augustus
(Bradley, p. 402). Webb claims that many major works were restricted to completing Pompey’s
theatre, the construction of the temple to the Deified Augustus and the building of the palace on
the Palatine (Webb, p.27). Thornton describes Tiberius as a “do nothing” emperor due to his
need for building specialist being predominantly insubstantial (Thornton 1989, p.112). His
contribution to Rome’s buildings programs were also hindered when Tiberius was persuaded by
Sejanus to retire to Capri, according to Tacitus (Ann. 4.57). Aside from Tiberius’ private palace,
his largest building project was inspired by Sejanus. It included the building of new barracks for
the Praetorian Guard, which would then move the force within the city. Tiberius lacked
contribution to building programs and thus did not have a lasting and beneficial impact on the


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