Junior Cert English Higher Level 2018 Section B Question 5 Junior Cert Junior Cert,

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2018, section B, question 5
John steinbech
Mice and men
The novel I have chosen is mice and men by john steinbech, mice and men was set during the great depression. The great depression was the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrilised world. It began after the stock market crashed October 1929 and lasted till 1939, which sent wallstreet into a panic wipping out millions of investors. The great depression didn’t just have a major affect on the big time investors of wallstreet but in the working class. Unemployment increased by 25%, leaving many people homeless and housing prices dropped by 30%. In the novel mice and men we follows the story of George and lennie during this time and we learn about the struggles they stumbled upon, and how we many not relies it at first but they are problems every human meets.
The first thing I learnt from this novel if that everybody wants a place they can call home. George and Lennie had spent the last few years going from ranch to ranch. They had never been able to stay  at one location for very long due to Lennnie’s learnig diffricultys, George was always finding lennie after making a mistake forcing them to flee the ranch. From the start of the novel we consistently hear about lennie and georges dream of owning there own home. This would have given lennie the space he needed and george peace of mind that he wasnt going to have to pack up and move on in hurry.  The oxford dictionary describes as home as “perminant” and george and lennie certaninly didnt have a perminat place to live. But to me a home is more than just a place of permancy its place of warmth and comfort. Some of us take a home for granted but we get a understanding of how desperate we too would be if we didnt have a home.
The next thing i learnt is that all humans need a friend. Georges life may have been easier without lennie always having to tag along but the two men had somthing non of the other ranch works had they had a  friend. Most of the other ranch workers went from job...


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