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May 3, 2019
Researching Success In Different Pathways
As known, college is not for everybody; but the stress received by teachers and family makes it seem as if there is no way around the fact that they have to go to a four year university to get the job they want or make it in life. Traditional four year universities should not be considered the only path to success in the United States because careers in the military, entrepreneurship, and trade school lead to equal or greater future. Everyone has their own definition for success, some along the lines of achieving high standard goals, becoming socially known, or being financially wealthy. In high school you learn that going to a four year university and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree will automatically have a set career, but in various scenarios success does not even become an option or is delayed. Options that don’t result in going to a four year university such the military, entrepreneurship, and trade school offer people a chance to succeed by letting a person start a career sooner than later.
A successful career is defined as something “where the person feels happy to go to work every day, or doing something of interest to the individual”. In today's society a successful career is mainly dependent on economic status, but can depend on a person's initial goals. A person may define their goals of a successful career differently than what others define their goal as. for example, one person may see retirement at the age of 45 as a successful career goal, while someone may see 50 as a perfect career goal. A successful career has no definite meaning, but both have the same end goal of being able to retire. For this reason we can not push students towards a four year university if it will benefit them successfully, rather prepare them as best as possible for their next steps towards success.
Success in general may be defined in several ways by different aspects. Career success, financial success, or social success, as different as they sound the connection is there. The connection between all the types of success is the personal goals for it. "Success is looking back at your life, when you are in your final moments, and possessing a great amount of pride around your creations, accomplishments, and legacy, while possessing little to no regret about what you did not do and missed opportunities (i.e. your family still loves you). If I can die feeling this way, I believe this is success" (Besmertnik).
On average, college graduates have $37,172 in student loans (Hess). Rather than having this debt, students could better spend their money on purchasing a home, a new car, or starting your own business without any loans from the bank (bootstrapping). From the time students graduate, ones who took out loans are automatically set back. Students with outstanding debt are 36 percent less likely to buy a car or a home and are stuck with bad credit until...

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