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Junk Food and Its Effects on Humans
Food is one of the essential needs for people and it give us vitality that our body needs to
work appropriately. Not just that, it additionally give us an assortment of supplements, nutrients,
minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins that our body requests that us every day keep it in capacity.
As time passes food has changed because of the requests of the advanced world. People have less
time to make a home prepared dinner and because of that we choose to eat fast food yet did you
realize that eating junk food day by day can cause unfriendly well-being impacts. If we eat it
every so often it can genuinely harm our well-being due to the fact that cheap food does not
furnish us with the important supplements that our bodies need. You may not see the affects right
when you consume these junk foods, but you sure will in the future.
Clearly, the way bad nourishment is appeared to the general population is through
advertisements, for example, all name brand cereals, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Coca Cola. The
production companies use advertisements to advance the item they are pitching to the future
purchasers. Fast food marketers would pay huge amounts of money and do absolutely anything
to advertise their junk food. Their main target is the children as they are easy to manipulate and
are the ones to convince their parents to go out for junk food. For example, youtube is the
number one platform children use nowadays and on youtube there are many advertisements in
one single video. Most of these advertisements on youtube are junk food related. That leads to
children having bad food choices stuck in there head because of these same junk food
advertisements being shown. Despite the fact that there are ads that do advance good dieting and
natural bites, they are not as various and will generally target a smaller group gathering of
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people. The production companies are untrustworthy because of the synthetic compounds they
use in their items and how they manipulate consumers through advertisements.
Furthermore, consumption of junk food at a young age can lead to childhood obesity.
According to the website ObesityAction.org, children who are considered affected by obesity are
70 percent more likely to continue being affected by obesity into adulthood. In addition, they are
at greater risk for serious medical issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and
more. An obese child can lead to being bullied and being bullied leads to social isolation,
depression, and lower self-esteem. There are many ways that childhood obesity can be
prevented. In today's generation children are spending hours and hours playing video games and
not being active throughout their day. It is taking so much time out of their day that it gets late
and can't do anything outside. Parents need to become a lot more smarter and play with them
outside to do some sort of physical activity for at least an hour. Parents sho...

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