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Education always have something to do with a lot of things, like how to assign the exercise time, whether or not taking phine in the uiversity. Recently, a contradictory statements cover a lot of parents moments. The reading chosen by students or by teacher is better. The answer vary from people to people. Some asserts that the students should read what they liked book, if teacher force them to read, they will not careful apprciate it. Some people consider that reading books filnal destination is to obtain a better score, so the the teacaher's instrction will more efficient. As for as l'm concerned, l think both of choice have their reasons.
First, for some young students, who are learn at the primary school or the middle and high school, they are too young to live and decilde what they should to learn. This is because along with the develpoment of the technology, everywhere full with the temptions, such as the internet or the games. If the young students addicted to these things, they will not only waste a lot time, but also damage their eye sight. What's more, when they surf the internet, they may unconciously click some voilent information, or some web pages that have some bug may decive money and other valua information. If the teacher recommend them to read some book, these book can boost their study, and they can have postive attitude to face the life and study. Growing up in a physical and psychonological environment. What's more these conduction will reduce the school volient rat, and provide a better sourrounding for students.
Second, for most part of the university students and above all. They study a long period of time. So they have their own study style, and have their own world view. Even the teacher force them reading some book what they not interested. They will try a lot of ways to evade it. And senior students reading the book, they can read some relevent book about all areas. This is because the social need a wider develped people. They should deal with the huamn activities, and using their knowledge learniong from school to resolve the work problems. All of these obviously indicates that a succuss person should developed all fileds....

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