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Assignment #1: Defining Justice
Although the Criminal Code has specific definition for defining justice, when it is applied in the theoretic to society it appears to be just in fair dealing with crime. However, when applied in reality a singular definition of justice does not encompass or take into consideration the historical context of certain individuals, the environmental, or situational factors that may have occurred or the burdens and advantages unequally distributed in society.
When we are trying to define justice, there are four main principles. The first is desert, which means getting what one deserves (Hurlbert, 2011). Secondly, there is fairness, this means treating equals equally. Then, there is equality which means treating people the same. Lastly, the final principle is moral righteousness, this encompasses the ideal of individual virtue and ethical contact (Hurlbert, 2011). It is very clear that all these aspects are all independent of each other. One definition is unable to cover all these aspects when they are not mutually exclusive and contradict each other.
In 2014, 15-year-old Tina Fontatine was murdered and dumped into Red River. Raymond Cormier was quickly accused and charged with little to no evidence (CBC Radio, 2018). Raymond was a poorly educated individual, who was homeless, a drug attic, and struggled with mental health (CBC Radio, 2018). All important factors when taking a liable confession, then later the case resulted in him being found not guilty. With that all said, how...


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2598 words - 11 pages there community due to their rate of delinquency. This article studies these two groups of people to see how they turn out and to study labeling theory. The saint’s daily concern was just getting out of school at all costs! The most common and safe procedure for them to take to get out of school was for one person initially to fabricate a lie to get them out of class, say he’s in chemistry at 9 and he raises his hand and says he has to go to the

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2629 words - 11 pages to education and how they can help our society. Thirdly we must be able to identify the flaws and inequalities in our education system and how we able to use our theorist ideas to combat these inequalities. Fourthly we will need to conclude on how all these ideas and concepts can help us to better our society and our education system. Justice can be described as “the moral principle determining just conduct” in the context of the assignment

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1376 words - 6 pages ; Tobago. The Chief Justice is appointed by the Governor-General of Belize who, however, is mandatory to act in accordance with the suggestion of the Prime Minister given after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition. By contrast with the corresponding provisions of the constitutions of Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica, under which the Presidents make the appointment after consultation, the Belize prerequisite appears, at least in theory, to

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2077 words - 9 pages -10. doi:10.1007/s11417-009-9074-7 Rowe, M. (2009). Police Education, Professionalism, and Diversity . Hobert : The Tasmian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies . Retrieved April 23, 2018, from http://www.utas.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/293702/Briefing_Paper_No_9.pdf Sampford, C. (2009). From Deep North to International Governance Exemplar: Fitzgerald's Impact on the International Anti-Corruption. Griffith Law Review, 18(3). Retrieved


1389 words - 6 pages Free help define the problem itself and establish appropriate judicial repercussions (Donegan 2012). In conclusion cyberbullying is an issue for everyone and can happen to any child, therefore, laws, prevention, and speaking out about it can help cyberbullying stop for once and all. Bibliography Agnew, R. (2006). Pressured into crime: an overview of general strain theory. New York: Oxford University Press. Who We Are – Cybersmile. (2016). Retrieved


719 words - 3 pages required for this unit can be judged by using the following marking criteria: 1. Be able to outline/define each concept/theory/topic. 2. Be able to explain in your own words, avoiding plagiarism. 3. Be able to apply it to your own practice i.e. using examples, evidence, case studies etc. 4. Show evidence of further research (See Harvard referencing guide attached on Smartsheet) Unit 1 – Understanding the Principles and Practices of internally

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2223 words - 9 pages . and Krasner, S. D. (1989) “Hegemonic stability theory: an empirical assessment,” Review of International Studies. Cambridge University Press, 15(2), pp. 183–198 YouTube. (2014). Structural Realism - International Relations. (Online Video). 3 October 2014. (Accessed: 19 November 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXllDh6rD18

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1591 words - 7 pages person who takes part Reliability, quality of being trustworthy What is the IRB and why is it important? Institutional review board, protects the rights and welfare human subjects. 3.1-3.2 Compare/contrast genotype and phenotype. A genotype is one organism genetic makeup and a phenotype is the makeup of how genetic and environmental influences contribute to an organism. A phenotype is an observable trait rather then a genotype in a organism. Define

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3794 words - 16 pages Electronic Commerce, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 11–48, viewed 28 April 2018, . LIST OF READINGS You must refer to at least one of the following two articles in your assignment (1) Galvagno, M. & Dalli, D. 2014, "Theory of value co-creation: a systematic literature review", Managing Service Quality: An International Journal, vol. 24, no. 6, pp. 643-683. Available from the USQ Library http

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1513 words - 7 pages school to become a phlebotomist. Case studies such as Alisha’s and Joe’s are clear examples on why social work is such a crucial field in today’s society. Of course, there is always room for more research on the nature/nurture theory but the scholar will continue to utilize the theory during her social work practice as well as her upcoming professional career as a social worker. Reference List 1. Daw, J., Guo, G., & Harris, K. (2015). Nurture

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2813 words - 12 pages Name: kaanushan shanthakumar Programme of study: Criminal Justice & Criminology Stage: 2 Module: SO745 Assignment title: Essay Date assignment due: 03/09/2018 Word count: 2700 Tick this box if you have an ILP*: ☐ You are reminded that all coursework assignments (with the exception of presentations and certain reports) must be submitted using this template. Work not submitted on this template will not be marked. It is your responsibility to