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Juvenile And Adult Courts – A Comparative Analysis Write A 1,000 To 1,500 Word Paper Comparing And Contrasting Juvenile Court With Adult Court. Include The Following In Your Paper:

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Juvenile and Adult Courts - A Comparative Analysis

Mike Lemke
University of Phoenix
CJA 393

Len Swadlow

May 10, 2010

Abolishing the juvenile court system is part of a long process. The process may derail justice from taking place in a timely manner. An intricate replacement plan needs to be in place if society decides to move juvenile cases to criminal courts. Chaos would take place without a replacement plan intact for the judicial system. Juveniles need to stay under their own court system.

The transition would not take place right ...view middle of the document...

, 1997, July 21)." Some people believe that the juvenile court has not been able to live up to their rehabilitative promise. Some juveniles require more drastic measures because they are beyond rehabilitation. Some of the drastic measures may entail long-term imprisonment or institutionalization. Juveniles beyond rehabilitation are more likely dealt with by adult courts.

The juvenile justice system will bring many changes. An increase in the population would require more of a demand for judges, courthouses, and probation officers. Society must deal with the consequences of people who continue to commit crimes. Parents must take accountability for their children's actions. Parents must be proactive in helping their children's involvement in delinquent acts. Parents should show their children how to give back to their community.


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