Keeping The Moon Chapter Sumamries - 9th - Notes

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Mayah Levy
8th Grade
Keeping the Moon Notes
Chapter 1
· Nicole Sparks
· Main Character
· Nickname: Colie
· Used to be fat
· Didn’t fit in
· “could build muscle but not confidence…”
· Black dyed hair and lip piercing
· Katherine Sparks
· Used to be fat
· Started working at a gym
· Became fit
· Started her own TV show
· Created clothing line, workout tools, etc.
· Changed name to Kiki Sparks
· Colie if forced to live with her Aunt Mira for the summer
· Her mom is going on tour
· A man named Norman picks up Colie from the train station
· Norman Norman
· Longish hair
· Hippie style and Art Freak
· Lives in Aunt Mira’s Basement
· Aunt Mira
· Chubby
· Watches Boxing
· Most things in her house are broken
· Odd fashion
· Artist
· Has a cat named Norman
· Cat Norman
Chapter 2
· Colie goes to Last Chance Bar and Grill to pick up lunch
· Norman Norman is the Chef
· Two Best friends Isabel and Morgan work as waitresses
· Isabel hates on Colie’s lip piercing and black hair
· Isabel
· Blonde
· Blue eyed
· No filter on saying things
· Partyer
· Morgan
· Tall and Short hair
· Responsible
· Neighbor
· Engaged to a man named Mark
· Isabel comes to apologize
Chapter 3
· Aunt Mira tells Colie about the cards the makes
· Colie and Norman head out to go to the library
· They see huge tour busses park in front of Last Chance
· Colie and Norman go in and start to help Isabel and Morgan
Chapter 4
· Colie gets a job as a waitress at Last Chance Bar and Grill
· At first was nervous
· People watching her
· Later became more confident
· Morgan gives Colie lots of advise about waitressing, men, etc.
· Morgan and Colie become better friends
Chapter 5
· Colie hears women gossiping about Mira
· Colie sees how close Isabel and Morgan are
· Wants a friend like that
· Fascinated
Chapter 6
· Colie and Isabel are working together on a Friday
· Isabel is barking orders/cursing at colie
· A girl from Colie’s school comes in
· Says a quick hi then goes back to her friend
· Starts gossiping about her
· “the biggest loser”
· “If I have to see her ugly face again it’ll, like, ruin my vacation”
· “she thinks she’s so cool because her mom is Kiki Sparks. Like that impresses anyone”
· Colie just sat there and listened
· Isabel takes Colie to her house
· Explains to her that the world is full of really rude girls
· “you walk around like a dog waiting to get kicked”
· Plucks her eyebrows and dyes her hair a maroon color
Chapter 7
· When Colie is walking home she bumps into Norman
· He has a very good painting of Morgan and Isabel
· Mira loses cat Norman
· There is a storm
· Colie and Norman search for cat Norman
· They make a run for the front porch
· Norman grabs Colie’s hand
Chapter 8
· More people make fun of Mira
· Norman b...

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