Key Vocabulary In "Great Expectations."

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Explicit- Absolutely clear or preciseLair- DenRavenous- Very HungryImparted- Give from or as if from a storeDivine- Relating to or Being God or a god, Supremely goodDisconsolately- Hopelessly sadLarceny- TheftConsternation- Amazed dismayGarret- AtticRimy- Frost like ice formed on exposed objectsImprecation- CurseVicariously- Experienced imaginatively or sympatheticallyCommiserate- SympathizeAbhorrence- HateOmnipotent- AlmightyImperious- Arrogant or domineeringAsunder- Into separate piecesGroveling- Abase (lower in dignity) oneselfParley- Conference about a disputeEpistle- LetterErudition- Great learningConciliatory- Gain the goodwill ofAblutions- Washing of ones bodyWhol ...view middle of the document...

ve of somethingProprieties- Standard of acceptability in social conductDiscernible- Discover with the eyes or with the mindCondescend- Lower oneself, Act HaughtilyDexterous- Skillful with the handsRebuff- Refuse rudelyAllude- Refer indirectlyRemonstrate- Speak in protestDiabolical- DevilishCoherent- Able to stick togetherGravity- Serious importanceSagacious- ShrewdUlterior- Not revealedSwarthy- Dark in complexionHermitage- Dwelling of a hermit (One who lives in solitude)Morose- Sullen (Gloomily silent)Retort- Say in replyUnscrupulous- Being or acting in total disregard of conscience, ethical principles or rights of othersMalignant- HarmfulSurmise- GuessCorroborate- Support with evidenceAltercation- DisputeExultant- Rejoice in triumphCountenance- Face or facial expressionImperceptibly- Not perceptiblePlacable- AppeaseClemency- MercifulAudacious- Extremely boldGloat- Think of something with prideDilapidated- Cause to fall into a state of partial ruinMagnanimous- Noble or generousAcquiesce- ConsentWreak- InflictCourtier- Person in attendance of royal courtBeguile- Deceive, AmuseOrdinance- Municipal lawDiscretion- Power of a choiceExecrate- Denounce, Utterly detestDisparity- Different in quality or characterSmite- Striking heavily, Affect stronglyMiscreant- One who behaves criminally or viciouslyParoxysm- SpasmCulminate- Rise to the highest pointDiffidence- ReservedThwart- Block or defeatAdjunct- Something added but no essentialAnimosity- ResentmentChronic- Frequent or persistentCopious- Very abundantInterment- BurialCogent- Compelling or convincingAuspicious- FavorableWaive- Give up claim toImpend- Be about to occurReiterate- Say againExpatriate- Exile


A Character Sketch Of Pip In Dicken's "Great Expectations"

754 words - 4 pages Great Expectations:PIP'S PERSONALITY CHANGE Most people would assume that through age and maturation, a boy witha wonderful heart and personality would further develop into a kind hearted,considerate gentleman. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens provides hisreaders with an example of a boy who regresses in certain aspects of hispersonality rather than progressing as one would expect. Pip, a person whohad loved and revered his uncle

The Theme Of Isolation In "Great Expectations" Through Miss Havisham

3267 words - 14 pages Free , such as justice and punishment, and the massive gap between the rich and poor. In his novel "Great Expectations", he uses the character of Miss Havisham to show some of his experiences in life. In a way the depressing character acts as a show piece of Charles's own experiences in life. He uses the character to explore the theme of isolation, to reflect Dickens's perception of women and to symbolise the 'diseased' upper class of the time.Through

This essay explains why Joe is a better parent for Pip than Pips sister Mrs. Joe in the book "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens

461 words - 2 pages Great ExpectationsIn Great Expectations by Charles Dickens , Pip is an orphan who is raised by his sister and her husband. Joe is the parent Pip needs , and he is a better parent than Mrs. Joe.Joe is the parent Pip needs because he encourages Pip and teaches him lessons. Joe acts fatherly towards Pip when he says " Don't you tell me no more of ' em , Pip" (pg 694). Joe is being fatherly because he is telling Pip not to lie anymore and fathers

Study techniques in Foreign Language - CCRI - Essay, Research Paper

1164 words - 5 pages Free Hope Brown Professor Brooks English 1010 2 November 2018 Study Techniques In Foreign Language Learning a different language can be very difficult. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that are trying to learn a new language, can use many different study techniques. It all depends on how that person learns. Some study skills to help enhance a person's learning experience can include the basics like using flashcards for vocabulary or

lesson plan for ninth grade world history - edfn 2300 U.T. - hypothetical lesson plan

1147 words - 5 pages is the verb, usually a Blooms verb (e.g., analyze, interpret, recount), that guides the language objective of the lesson. This includes a product that students will either write, say, present, or do that involves Academic Language (e.g. essay, present, recount). Academic Vocabulary What specialized terms and phrases do students need to understand and use to complete the function? Content Vocabulary What are the key vocabulary words, symbols, or

Analysis of Pidgin and Creole Languages - English Language - Essay

1332 words - 6 pages Free dominant is known as the substrate. The role that each original parent language is assigned is heavily influenced by socio-political power. (Singh, 2000: 41) For example, in colonial pidgins, the European language is always the superstrate, as the European colonisers had more power and were in control of the language contact. It is from the superstrate, of ‘lexifier,’ that pidgins acquire the bulk of their vocabulary, while the syntactic structure

A essay about math and will help students and teacher study. - Willingboro High School - Math

2436 words - 10 pages as the central ideas present in the text The Wizard of Lies, an excerpt of which students will read in the following lessons. This lesson requires students to analyze and present a portion of “How Bernard Madoff Did It.” The goal of this lesson is for students to participate and discuss in groups a portion of text and then present that text to the rest of the class. Students will discuss and present the key portions of their respective

Access War is kind chickenlittle - Hastings High School - Essay

502 words - 3 pages represent any letter or combination of letters; * and ? are examples. Used in criteria. Wildcards Similar to a Query; allows you to use specific data based on specific criteria. Filter A required field that makes each record unique (the “key” icon) that shows which field name is your unique identifier in a table. Primary Key Access Vocabulary Review WS 2 Open your Access Vocabulary file. Save to your Access folder as A Access Vocab Review WS 1 & 2. Click on the text field below the definitions to select it and then type the correct term to match its definition.

Down a Dark Hall by LOIS DUNCAN - Enlgish - Essay

2593 words - 11 pages both organisms benefit 12. sketches will vary © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company Holt McDougal Biology Interactions in Ecosystems Study Guide B Name ______________________________ Class ___________________ Date __________________ Section 2: Community Interactions Study Guide B KEY CONCEPT Organisms interact as individuals and in populations. VOCABULARY MAIN IDEA: Competition and predation are two important ways in which organisms

Why Study English

291 words - 2 pages cursive. Those skills have helped me a lot! At my old school the standard was a lot higher so I had to work harder. I have learned a lot from that experience.Last year in English I did not learn all that I wanted to. So this year I hope to make up for everything that I didn't learn last year. Because this year I know that I am with people that are at my own level.This year I want to read books that are my reading level or high so that I can improve my vocabulary. I also will have help from my parents and friends so that can help me if I struggle. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a great year for me!

Bloom's Major Novelists

405 words - 2 pages Includes bibliographical references (p. 112-118) and index.Summary A comprehensive research and study guide for several novels by Charles Dickens, including plot summaries, thematic analyses, lists of characters, and critical views.Contents Biography of Charles Dickens -- [pt. 1]. Plot summary of Great expectations -- List of characters in Great expectations -- Critical views on Great expectations: -- Sylvére Monod on the morality of the

Poetry Rubric for English students - Village School - Poetry

804 words - 4 pages title NEATNESS The final draft of the poem is readable, clean, neat and attractive. It is free of erasures and crossed-out words. It looks like the author took great pride in it. The final draft of the poem is readable, neat and attractive. It may have one or two erasures, but they are not distracting. It looks like the author took some pride in it. The final draft of the poem is readable and some of the pages are attractive. It looks like parts

The one thing

476 words - 2 pages writing expertise. I will then develop more creative thoughts which will help me burst through writer's block. All these skills I've mentioned will come in handy and get me great opportunities such as scholarships, grants, admission into a state university and even an important role in a professional organization.As you can tell, writing plays an important role in my life and also can get you many places. By taking composition, I have high expectations that I will become a superb writer. By accomplishing my "One thing" I will feel that my money and precious time has been very well spent.364 words

Echoes Of Literature - The Style Of Shakespeare

1148 words - 5 pages echo in literature today. William Shakespeare brings his enriching style, including organization, sentence structure, literary devices, and vocabulary, and copious contributions to the English language.Primarily, Shakespeare's organization of his plays highlights his profligate style. His plays are mainly divided into acts and scenes; these divisions, along with the page numbers, assist students and scholars in quoting and discussing the works

A Comparison Between The Three Movements From Vivaldi's L'estro Armonica, Op.III. Used For Advanced Higher. Would Be Usefull To Have A Copy Of The Score To Accompany This Essay

1416 words - 6 pages strong, confident beginning creating great expectations for the rest of the piece, and both movements deliver. The second, on the other hand begins with the full ensemble, (violin and viola) but the accompanying parts are playing only long, smooth tied notes. (See first bar of all three pieces)Both the first and third movements begin playing forte and dynamics are not an important feature in any of the movements. Movement one and three having