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Key Vocabulary In "Great Expectations." Essay

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Explicit- Absolutely clear or preciseLair- DenRavenous- Very HungryImparted- Give from or as if from a storeDivine- Relating to or Being God or a god, Supremely goodDisconsolately- Hopelessly sadLarceny- TheftConsternation- Amazed dismayGarret- AtticRimy- Frost like ice formed on exposed objectsImprecation- CurseVicariously- Experienced imaginatively or sympatheticallyCommiserate- SympathizeAbhorrence- HateOmnipotent- AlmightyImperious- Arrogant or domineeringAsunder- Into separate piecesGroveling- Abase (lower in dignity) oneselfParley- Conference about a disputeEpistle- LetterErudition- Great learningConciliatory- Gain the goodwill ofAblutions- Washing of ones bodyWholly- ...view middle of the document...

ve of somethingProprieties- Standard of acceptability in social conductDiscernible- Discover with the eyes or with the mindCondescend- Lower oneself, Act HaughtilyDexterous- Skillful with the handsRebuff- Refuse rudelyAllude- Refer indirectlyRemonstrate- Speak in protestDiabolical- DevilishCoherent- Able to stick togetherGravity- Serious importanceSagacious- ShrewdUlterior- Not revealedSwarthy- Dark in complexionHermitage- Dwelling of a hermit (One who lives in solitude)Morose- Sullen (Gloomily silent)Retort- Say in replyUnscrupulous- Being or acting in total disregard of conscience, ethical principles or rights of othersMalignant- HarmfulSurmise- GuessCorroborate- Support with evidenceAltercation- DisputeExultant- Rejoice in triumphCountenance- Face or facial expressionImperceptibly- Not perceptiblePlacable- AppeaseClemency- MercifulAudacious- Extremely boldGloat- Think of something with prideDilapidated- Cause to fall into a state of partial ruinMagnanimous- Noble or generousAcquiesce- ConsentWreak- InflictCourtier- Person in attendance of royal courtBeguile- Deceive, AmuseOrdinance- Municipal lawDiscretion- Power of a choiceExecrate- Denounce, Utterly detestDisparity- Different in quality or characterSmite- Striking heavily, Affect stronglyMiscreant- One who behaves criminally or viciouslyParoxysm- SpasmCulminate- Rise to the highest pointDiffidence- ReservedThwart- Block or defeatAdjunct- Something added but no essentialAnimosity- ResentmentChronic- Frequent or persistentCopious- Very abundantInterment- BurialCogent- Compelling or convincingAuspicious- FavorableWaive- Give up claim toImpend- Be about to occurReiterate- Say againExpatriate- Exile

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