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Kids, The Movie Essay

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Kids: Position Paper Coming from a background of middle class suburbia with strict post hippie-era parents, I feel less than adequate to comment on a film of this sort. Kids (1995) took me for surprise by giving the feel of what life was really like in big cities without proper parental control. Is life really like this? I am relatively sure that the majority of children do not go around seeking only basic animal instincts, such as sex, fighting, and drug induced fun. However, this is commonly a negative substitute for proper guidance. For example, everyone can identify with the plot of Boyz "˜N the Hood. Tre escapes all of the ...view middle of the document...

They live only for fun. There is no time in the movie that they are planning for their futures. The kids are definitely living in today; completely unaware that tomorrow even exists. One of the many available examples is the complete lack of apprehension about sex. The very serious threat of STDs didn't even affect any of the kids beyond delaying them for a few seconds. They went on having as much unprotected sex as they wanted. One girl, Ruby, had sex with nine guys and she was only seventeen years old. The craziest part about this occurs when they go to the clinic to get tested. They cross their fingers, hoping that their mistakes aren't drastic enough to change their lives. They had direct control over their actions and now they "hope" for the best. This part of the movie demands that one must understand the lack of reality in the world these kids live in. They make their own decisions, but aren't responsible enough to understand the consequences.This movie portrays the future of what our society may become if we don't intervene and take control of our kids' blatant efforts to do whatever they want. It does an excellent job of showing how irresponsible kids can be if left alone to make their own choices. They seem to only care only about having fun and doing what they want and that is the wrong way to think, as mildly shown in the outcome of this movie.

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