Killer Cup O Coffey For The Average Drinker - Class - Essey

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 Determin
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ally be used  i
on.  A likely s
 Obtain pr
 Convert t
 React the
 Create sta
 Determin
 Calculate 
is lab you wil
osure to the p
his  experime
rimeter is a d
case the red 
ionship know
re A= absorba
ionship to he
ve the creatio
the results wi
e graph to de
Allege(by A
The M
of death of a
ning, accordin
ney's Office.
ffice plans to
charged with
n remains --- a
ti, 69, confess
en Rakes, 59,
ncord District
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e the amount
u will be  inve
in an actual p
scenario woul
ecisely measu
he cyanide (C
 KSCN with ir
andardized iro
e the visible a
the amount o
ll be only per
oisonous cya
nt  you  will 
evice that me
solution of F
wn as the Bee
ance, c = con
t Law shows t
elp you find th
on of several 
ill be graphed
etermine its c
A ed Bulger eAllie Malloy)
an alleged W
ng to MaryB
o seek additio
h attempted m
as a result of
sed to putting
according to
Court on Sep
ou will 
t of cyanide i
estigating a s
poisoning but
ld look somet
ured sample 
CN‐) into KSCN
on(III) chlorid
on(III) thiocya
absorption of
of cyanide in 
forming the f
be  using  a  c
easures the a
FeSCN+2 will b
r‐Lambert Law
centration an
that the relat
he concentrat
solutions of k
d.  The absorb
extortion vi
Medical Exa
Whitey Bulger
Beth Long, a
onal charges
murder, misl
the official au
g potassium c
o a testimony
ptember 10.
n a coffee sam
imulated ars
t we have sh
thing like: 
of the poison
N by reacting 
de to produce
anate solutio
f the iron(III) t
the original s
final three ste
amount of ligh
be compared
nd k = constan
ionship betw
tion of FeSCN
known conce
bance of an u
ictim died
aminer's Offic
r extortion vi
a spokeswom
against Willi
eading police
utopsy report
cyanide in an
by a Massac
enic poisonin
ortened the 
ned coffee. 
it with potas
e the complex
ns and determ
thiocyanate f
eps. This sho
to  determine
ht of a particu
 with a serie
A = kc 
nt that is spec
ween absorban
N+2 in an unkn
entrations.  Th
nknown FeSC
of cyanide
ce officially d
ctim was hom
man for the M
iam Camuti -
e and unlaw
iced coffee t
chusetts state
ng.   This  is  th
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sium sulfide.
x ion iron(III)t
mine the visib
from the coff
rtens the pro
e  the  conce
ular wavelen
es of standard
cific for each 
nce and conc
own solution
he absorbanc
CN+2 solution 
L11: Kill
e poisoning
determined th
micide by cy
Middlesex D
-- who has al
wful dispositio
that he provid
trooper at he
he same  type
o that  it may 
thiocyanate (
ble absorptio
fee sample. 
ocedure and a
ntration  of  t
gth that is ab
ds.   You shall
species at a c
centration is l
n.  The first pa
ce of these so
will then be m
er Cup o
hat the
on of
ded to

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