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Arthur's father, Uther, was the king of Britain. He was at war with a man named the Duke of Cornwall but at the same time was in love with the duke's wife, Ygerne. Merlin the magician helped Uther disguise himself as the duke then he presented himself to Ygerne. She gave birth to a son named Arthur. Merlin then took him away and placed him under the care of Sir Ector to be raised as his foster child. When Uther died, Arthur was not told that he was the rightful heir to the throne. With no single king to unite the country, all the lessor kings started to fight for the throne. The archbishop of Canterbury invited all the British nobles to London to try to settle the fighting. He sho ...view middle of the document...

Each night had his name painted on a seat, but one place, called the Siege Perilous, was reserved for the knight who would find the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail was the mystical cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper. Any other knight that sat there would die. Many of the knights had perilous adventures of their own. Arthur's kingdom continued to grow from this. It extended over the British Isles as well as the European Continent. Arthur's greatest threat came from Rome. He refused to pay tribute to the Roman Emperor, and he made an attack against the emperor's forces. The emperor sent an army to France to stop the British forces. The armies met at Troyes in France and Arthur's army won. He then ruled over France and was declared by the pope, Emperor of Italy. Under Arthur's rule, Europe enjoyed a long and peaceful period. One night at Camelot a vision of the Holy Grail appeared. Loud thunder and a brilliant light accompanied it. It floated into the hall where the knights were eating. After the vision passed through the hall, many of the knights vowed to go in search for the Grail. Some of them were Bors, Perceval, Lancelot, his son Galahad, and Arthur's nephew Gawain. Arthur agreed to let them go. He knew that the knights would face grave dangers and that many would die. The order of the Round Table and Arthur's reign was fast coming to an end. The knights rode out, each going on their own separate quest. They wandered around in unknown parts of Britain. They had mysterious visions and met strange hermits who taught them lessons on how to make their lives better. They often wanted to stop their quests but kept going. But as Arthur predicted, many failed to survive the obstacles they encountered and never returned to Camelot. Because of his many virtues, Lancelot was given a glimpse of the Holy Grail in the enchanted castle of Carbonek. Bors, Peceval, and Galahad latter on arrived at Carbonek, where they were given a longer glimpse. Christ appeared to the knights and told them that the Grail would have to be taken out of Britain because of the sinfulness of the people. Bors, Perceval, and Galahad boarded the ship that the Grail was on, bound for the Spiritual Palace in the mystical city of Sarras. There, they were permitted to see the Grail one last time. Only Galahad, the most saintly of the knights, was allowed to gaze at it at length and understand what it had to reveal. Moments later he died and the Grail was taken up into heaven. Bors returned to Britain, and recounted his adventures to what was left of Arthur's court. Peceval stayed in Sarras, where he became a noble knight and later on died. Neither ever learned what Galahad really saw. The dispersal of the knights on quests for the Holy Grail weakened the foundations of Camelot and the Round Table. Arthur was also starting to suspect that Lancelot was in love with Queen Guinevere. Arthur ignored what was happening because he didn't want to fight w...


First Knight Movie - Evaluation Essay

624 words - 3 pages First Knight is Full of Zingy EnergyFirst Knight brings forth a very interesting twist to the Camelot tale. The movie begins with a horrific attack from King Malagant on the neighboring land of Leonesse where Queen Guinevere rules. Leonesse is defenseless against Malagant's armies; therefore, causing Guinevere to rely upon her next-door neighbor and soon to be husband King Arthur. First Knight is a very exciting movie full of action, romance and

The Three Major Themes In The Movie Excalibur Are Magic,Power, And Fate

840 words - 4 pages Matthew Angelo B. Cañeda 9-Diamond Sir Thomas Malory, (flourished c. 1470), English writer whose identity remains uncertain but whose name is famous as that of the author of Le Morte Darthur, the first prose account in English of the rise and fall of the legendary king Arthur and the fellowship of the Round Table.Even in the 16th century Malory's identity was unknown, although there was a tradition that he was a Welshman. In the colophon

Sir Gawain Essay - how did he use power - English II - Essay

497 words - 2 pages wealth and the happiness. There is not a care at all, as everyone focuses only on pleasure, fun, and games. The tone of this passage is very optimistic, and there is not a line describing Camelot that is drab or uninteresting. It is obvious that the kingdom is powerful as well; they have exesss wealth and their King, Arthur, is described as a, “man of high will, no bolder band could ever be found on field or hill.” The Green Knight’s world feels

Explain why Henry VII wished to to divorce Catherine of Aragon in 1527

276 words - 2 pages This essay will examin why Henry VII wished to divorce Catherine of Argon in 1527.The main reason why Henry wished to divorce Catherine was because she wasn't providing Henry with a healthy male heir. This is a problem for Henry because if he doesn't have a male heir then who will be King after he dies. Then there would be war on who would be king. Although Catherine di have achild who lived it was a girl named Mary. Most of her other

Filmography in Arthurian Movies - Research Paper

1865 words - 8 pages The subject that I have decided to focus my filmography on is the character of Merlin or Merlin Ambrosius. This character is first conceived into literary existence by Geoffrey of Monmouth, who combined existing stories of Myrddin Wyllt (or Merlinus Caledonensis), a North Brythonic prophet and madman with no connection to King Arthur, with tales of the Romano-British war leaderAmbrosiusAurelianus to form the composite figure he calledMerlin

Chivalry in Sir Gawain and The Green Knight - Eng 101 - Assignment

1282 words - 6 pages Round Table and to frighten Guenevere, she sent the Green Knight on his journey to Camelot and issue them the challenge. Sir Gawain, the protagonist depicts the knight’s code of chivalry in various ways throughout the poem. The beginning of his chivalrous nature comes to surface when he bravely takes up the Green Knight’s challenge in place of King Arthur. “By Guinevere, Gawain now to his king inclines and says, I stake my claim. This moment must be

Theseus and the Minotaur: Origins - Humanities - Essay

420 words - 2 pages is, does have a basis in fact. Due to the story’s age, historians find it exceptionally difficult to isolate the facts woven into the bizarre aspects of the tale. However, an English archeologist by the name of Arthur Evans (1851-1941) was successful in excavating the ruins of what is believed to have been the palace of Knossos (the castle in which king Minos of the Theseus and the Minotaur myth resided). The uncovered palace (in Crete) was later

Alfred Tennyson Biography Essay

1038 words - 5 pages dews that drench the furze,And all the silvery gossamersThat twinkle into green and gold(Culler, A. Dwight, pg. 39)The 'public' side of Tennyson's work is now valued less than his more personal poetry. He writes about how reality destroys the ideal world as in 'The Lady of Shalott'. Frequently, Tennyson's personal worries were the same as those of the time. For example, the way he describes Sir Bedivere's reaction to the death of King Arthur in

Romance In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

650 words - 3 pages in the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, as appears in the two main characters of the story. To begin, there is Sir Gawain, one of the noblest knights to serve King Arthur. He was not only courageous enough to accept the challenge of the Green Knight, but he was also loyal to his chance at the challenge. When it was his turn to face the blow of the axe, he did not avoid meeting the green knight, but he went to face his opponent. Although

Erasmus and the Reformation: A Pyramid of Influence - 298UWM - Research paper

3511 words - 15 pages important pupils, King Henry VIII of England and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, showcase the influence Erasmus held over the religious politics of Europe. However, by looking at the reign of Henry VIII of England and comparing that to the reign of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor one can easily see that, though educated by the same tutor, the rulers acted on the rise of Protestantism very differently. This ‘pyramid of influence’ as it can be best termed

"The Crucible" By Arthur Miller: John Proctor Charachter Analysis: Outline

649 words - 3 pages name!" (Miller 133)D. After this statement, Proctor tears up the piece of paper. These actions show that he would rather die with a good name than live with a bad one. Instead of living, he stands up for what he knows is right to his death.VI. ConclusionA. The Crucible by Arthur MillerB. Relations in history: Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, HolocaustC. Restate thesis: John Proctor stood his ground to his death.D. Other characters show acts of fighting for what the believe in, while John Proctor ruins his good name by confessing to lechery and still dies because he believes in his cause, even though his good name is already ruined.E. Final thoughts

Africa: CTBC

1941 words - 8 pages is symbolized by the figure of Arthur Jarvis. He is a white reformer who fights for rights of blacks. Like Christ, he is very altruistic and wants to pursue his aims at all costs. His friend, Harrison, says: "Here [Arthur Jarvis] was, day to day, on a kind of mission." (173) Arthur Jarvis and his wife Mary "agree that it's more important to speak the truth than to make money." (172) Arthur Jarvis is killed in his house by Absalom, a black youth

Gender role and lessons played in Lanval - English 201 - research paper

964 words - 4 pages to the king and the maiden (fairy queen). The queen's unseemly promise of favors requires a violation of both the mortal chivalric code and the strictures of the Court of Love. Lanval's subsequent attempt to be loyal to both Arthur and the fairy queen demonstrates his desire to persevere in two allegiances; the queen's request, on the other hand, is treasonous in two worlds (Ireland 138). This part of the story showed us Lanval could have gone

Miller's Salesmen More Alive Than Ever

426 words - 2 pages NEW YORK "" Death of a Salesman has entered the realm of folk legend over its 50-year existence. But the Goodman Theatre production that opened Wednesday on Broadway elevates it even more: This is King Lear, American style (three and a half out of four).In a portrayal of operatic proportions by Brian Dennehy, the hapless salesman Willy Loman "" who mistakes the American Dream for an automatic reward for well-liked people "" is a workingman's

“History is, indeed, an argument without end” - A.M. Schlesinger research assignment - History - Research Paper

693 words - 3 pages relationships among public figures. “Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. (1917-2007) | Perspectives on History | AHA.” Palette of King Narmer | AHA​​,​​ ory/may-2007/in-memoriam-arthur-m-schlesinger-jr​​. History is accumulated by historians in their works of art and literature. Author M. Schlesinger Jr. was one historian who produced writing pieces based on presidencies and policies. His life included teaching, campaigns, and being an author.