Knowledge Is Both A Blessing And A Curse Frankenstein School Essay

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FRANKENSTEIN – Essay Preparation
By the end of class today you will need to have the introduction and one paragraph written in response to the following topic. Refer to your notes on writing an introduction before you begin.
Nick Dear’s Frankenstein explores the dangerous and destructive power of knowledge. Discuss.
You should be able to finish it in class time and it will need to be dropboxed by the end of today.
Edit your work carefully.
P1: How is knowledge dangerous (Frankenstein and in general)
P2: Why is knowledge destructive
P3: How does knowledge challenge destructive
From the beginning of time the limitless pursuit of knowledge reveals man’s weakness. Modern society provides humans with a wide variety of sources on how to gain knowledge, both good and evil. The protagonist in the novel Frankenstein by Nick dear exemplifies that behaviour of the ideal man is grasping for more knowledge than he can truly bare. In turn, this knowledge becomes tarnished, especially when Mary Shelley in the original play of Frankenstein eludes to the Greek Myth of Prometheus and when he gave the gift of fire (knowledge) to the humans.
I need to add:
+ explains how fire is knowledge
+ explain why knowledge is dangerous
The Danger of Knowledge in the Nick Dears book of Frankenstein, is about how a man’s life is challenged by his thirst for knowledge. Nick Dear portrays the quest for knowledge as dangerous and leads to self-destruction. We see how the characters; Victor Frankenstein and the Creature, thirst for knowledge can bring them to places, and they can eventually f...


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