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Knowledge is powerAs a popular saying goes, knowledge is power. With our country developing fast, the importance of knowledge is becoming more and more obvious to us all. Without knowledge, by no means can we achieve our life goal. Knowledge is like the wind in the ocean, which helps us the boats move swifter towards the right direction.In the very first place, with Knowledge, one can easily find jobs. It is often said that we are entering a new age of information, and knowledge plays a key role in this age. For example, if one wants to work in IT field, one needs to improve his knowledge constantly. What's more, knowledgea ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, to conquer and transform nature, we must master scientific knowledge. However, social knowledge is also essential. Without it we can not understand society and don't know the law of the social development. As a result we are unable to govern society. Therefore, besides scientific knowledge we need to master social science, philosophy, politics, history, aesthetics, etc, so that we can know society from all perspectives and form a correct world outlook.In the third place, Knowledge plays an important role in all spheres of human life and activity. It is a powerful factor which helps man to attain success, power and position in life. People is a thinking animal. Knowledge directs his actions and enables him to find the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. It helps him overcome his weakness and faults and face dangers and difficulties with courage and confidence. It gives him mental, moral and spiritual advancement. Besides this, it is through knowledge that man has gained mastery over nature.  In conclusion,To meet new challenges in he 21st century, we university students should lose no time to acquire as much knowledge as possible so that we will become qualified successors of the socialist cause.what is more,I suppose it is a wise option to concentrate on study from now on. Believing the power of knowledge, we can create miracles not only for us but for our nation. 


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2140 words - 9 pages contemporary relations through the new binary of ‘developed’ and ‘underdeveloped/developing’ (Tikly, 2004: 181). Discourses “are the very fabric of the social web. They carry knowledge and truth effects through their capacity to signal what is permissible to speak of and do at a particular moment” (Spronk, 2012: 98), they can construct social realities and thus constitute a system of power (Tonini, 2012: 427). The World Bank is the most powerful institution

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2407 words - 10 pages to produce, map and govern the Third World. This essay will use the framework introduced by Foucault to investigate how the development dispositif as the sum of its individual parts produces and manages the relationship between power and knowledge in contemporary development. Before delving into the ways in which power and knowledge command contemporary development it is necessary to isolate the relationship of these terms outside of it. Power and

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464 words - 2 pages that it is their source of hope, “ ‘The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued except by luck, if we don't keep a fire going?’ ” (Golding 80). The ignition of the (signal) fire demonstrates the significance of power because it represents civility and the boys’ hope for survival by which also motivates and encourages the boys while surviving on the island. As a result, the power through the symbolism of hope

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1423 words - 6 pages blackmail. This is the dark knowledge that is used to have power over others, to enslave them. However, this is not the way Jack had always looked upon knowledge. Jack was, for a while, a slave to Idealism. Jack said that "What you don't know can't hurt you, for it ain't real. If you are an Idealist it doesn't matter what you do or goes on around you because it isn't real anyway (30)." Later, Jack says that he "could remember but didn't want to

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545 words - 3 pages FRANKENSTEIN – Essay Preparation By the end of class today you will need to have the introduction and one paragraph written in response to the following topic. Refer to your notes on writing an introduction before you begin. Nick Dear’s Frankenstein explores the dangerous and destructive power of knowledge. Discuss. You should be able to finish it in class time and it will need to be dropboxed by the end of today. Edit your work carefully. P1

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445 words - 2 pages Mark2AEnglishPowerPower can be defined from different outlooks and in different ways. In some countries being born into certain families of royalty and wealth gives you power. That's power not given by choice. In this country individuals can be driven to power through determination and will. There is an equal opportunity to obtain it. In my opinion power can be defined by wealth, knowledge, and ones voice. Money can commonly determine a persons


445 words - 2 pages Free Mark2AEnglishPowerPower can be defined from different outlooks and in different ways. In some countries being born into certain families of royalty and wealth gives you power. That's power not given by choice. In this country individuals can be driven to power through determination and will. There is an equal opportunity to obtain it. In my opinion power can be defined by wealth, knowledge, and ones voice. Money can commonly determine a persons

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1142 words - 5 pages things a KM tool must be able to accomplish. 4. Measuring knowledge. Knowledge is not something that can be easily quantified, and is far more complex because it is derived out of human relationships and experience. The focus should be on shared purpose rather than results or efforts. 5. Overcoming shared leadership. KM tools allow others to emerge as voices of power within an organization. Workers are given a “voice”, which can sometimes cause

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445 words - 2 pages though it is his wife, lady Macbeth, a dominant and persevering woman, who kills Duncan, he also suffers from an uneasy conscious which slowly devours him from the inside, but he remains stable until the end.Even though Macbeth doesn't exactly sell his soul to the devil, still he condems it to torture. What he gains, power over Scotland for a short period of time, is also not worth a human soul.In a few words, nothing, not even magic, power, absolute knowledge and dominance over the world is a good enough reason for one to give up their humanity. Our souls are the most precious of gifts given to us as living beings and are way too precious to be exchanged for anything.

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613 words - 3 pages ANTH1001 Topic 4: Politics and Power 1. What are the four different ‘modes of power’ that Eric Wolf identifies? (list and briefly define these) a) Power inherent in an individual. The concept of this power is may have believed to be the main driving force of humans – achievements, ambition, and the striving to reach the highest possible position in life. Embodied Power- power as an individual attribute, capability, e.g., strength, knowledge

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1750 words - 7 pages power with followers c. Follower dominated power to shared power with leaders d. Referent power focus to coercive power focus 8. Information power is a. Associated with having formal job authority b. Based on followers liking of their leader c. Derived from having the ability to provide rewards d. Focused on the social contract between leaders and followers e. Derived from possessing knowledge that others want or need 9. Who is responsible for the

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1648 words - 7 pages abolished. The movements it crushed , threatened its monopoly and grasp on power. The events of Tiananmen are never discussed in China and are closely censored and any discussion of them is forbidden. Many dissidents from those times remain in jail, or were simply executed. People with the knowledge of this events must remain silent , or otherwise they will be prosecuted. All of course in the name of order and stability. In my opinion risk taking is

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1295 words - 6 pages Sundays would be a day of rest.” Power is authority and strength. When too much power is given, a dictatorship government can form, in which all decisions are made by one authority. In "Animal Farm", George Orwell portrays how "Animal Farm is about the betrayal of an idea by a corrupt leadership" In the story Old Major, who is a respected animal on the farm, had given a speech to stir the animals emotion into rebellion. He used his power of respect

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488 words - 2 pages Free Forbidden Knowledge Forbidden knowledge and anxiety about science seems to be a recurring theme in science fiction stories. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a good example of how powerful nature can be, as well as a warning against going too far in pursuing the forbidden knowledge of science and technology. Even though, Victor’s quest to recreate a human being proved to be successful, the cost of the experiment far outweighed his success. One

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1054 words - 5 pages girl who rarely uses technology. This is to show the affects technology can have on people and serves as a warning to the audience not to become too attached to technology because it may lead you to detach yourself from everything else. Knowledge is power, it can become a way to escape the chains of society as seen in Fahrenheit 451. Throughout the novel, knowledge is seen as a burden and a means of unhappiness to the citizens more so that books